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We are currently active and looking for a few clans to scrim. Times are flexable and can be worked o...

11th October 2004 09:10

hey man you misunderstood i was taking a servey type thing cuz i know u dont need one i was just ask...

1st July 2008 23:07

all i want is a swbf3 that feels lik the originals but are differnt. swbf1 was difirnt then swbf2 ye...

24th August 2008 10:08

every game i have played by free radical has been a terrible game i think that the only screw up pan...

11th August 2008 05:08

im being honest i dont like free :barf:radical but back to the subject i think it will be bf3

10th August 2008 09:08

luke he was stronger with the force

23rd July 2008 22:07

yep i agree

21st July 2008 04:07

i know i hav alredy done some things with wat your talking about but i might as well do something el...

9th July 2008 06:07

yeah but only likfor 5 minutes but wat i did play it was pretty good

9th July 2008 04:07

its a good map for sure

9th July 2008 03:07

i had that idea and i was gonna do it but i couldnt and my friend could and he said he might someday

8th July 2008 23:07

current name:gorma46 desired name:gorma2.0

7th July 2008 06:07

they need to hava better online mode

3rd July 2008 05:07

i had a desktop computer but it was centuries old and i needed a better computer so we bought a lapt...

3rd July 2008 05:07

i only use a controller because i hav a laptop and its kinda hard to use a touchpad

2nd July 2008 22:07

when u play swbf2 do u use the keyboard or a gaming controller

1st July 2008 07:07

I think they should make it so you could make mods(decent ones at least)without having to download m...

20th May 2008 04:05

whenever u need me ill be waiting to beta test

1st July 2008 01:07

my username is gorma46 on xfire

30th June 2008 06:06

luke skywalker vs young anikan who would win

26th June 2008 06:06

I agree all the way they should have it like that

26th June 2008 05:06

i am changing the big subject here but whatever platform they make it on whether it be ps3 PC xbox36...

25th June 2008 23:06

i suffer also i have vista and i cant use zeroeditor soooo i am learning how to hex edit and skin

25th June 2008 23:06

really good map i downloaded and played it. assault modes the best

25th June 2008 23:06

ok sometime soon probabbly

25th June 2008 05:06
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