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I remember you, welcome back! Beam me up, Scotty.

8th February 2019 21:02

Posted by RadioActiveLobster My guess is that this is going...

10th March 2018 13:03

Would you look at that, it's been a while. Welcome back.

5th March 2018 07:03

Are you sure RGC's the only one who might be interested? I have my doubts...

20th August 2010 05:08

RGC is very anxious to see it.

20th August 2010 05:08

NAB622;5379649It couldn't possibly have been *meeee*... Most obviously, Nab. Perhaps we'd not notice...

20th August 2010 04:08

Indeed, I concur. Quite annoying if you ask me. Password can be our saviour.

20th August 2010 06:08

If we but L4D? Are you sure that's a good idea, Raz0r?

19th August 2010 07:08

Spoiler: Show Epic, Icepure.

19th August 2010 06:08

Ich habe ja gesagt. Warum hab ich ja gesagt?

20th August 2010 09:08

I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you, Seinfeld. Crumbs is the master spammer here. Second one wo...

20th August 2010 07:08

You may be this and that proof, but you're not anti-elf proof, fortunately. Anyone here willing to p...

19th August 2010 05:08

And not to forget, Nite who was hitting on Ninja constantly.

20th August 2010 19:08

I thought the same at first. Some advertisements can be extremely annoying with some sounds. :p

21st August 2010 02:08

Killer Kyle;5380366Also, I'm not getting into the chatroom anymore from the front page link. What do...

21st August 2010 03:08

So did I, but after seeing the commercial, it kind of creeped me out. I'd rather buy something else;...

21st August 2010 03:08


21st August 2010 09:08

That scooter surely is of high quality. I'd say put it at the auction house and see what we can get...

21st August 2010 23:08

Serio;5380653Seconding a petition that hasn't had a first signature invalidates the entire petition....

21st August 2010 23:08

He got that award because other people of his same quality level voted for him, d'oh.

19th August 2010 05:08

Congrats Count! :)

19th August 2010 01:08

The only ones I recognize there are Bieber (yay?), Riles, Muse and RGC.

16th August 2010 06:08

Your heart's parts don't quite connect to each other, RedGroupClan. You might want to consider visit...

14th August 2010 17:08

Quite the interesting introduction... Pope. Say, how would you go on about bringing this nuclear dis...

14th August 2010 17:08

book;5377725what spamtopia? what is this madness none of this is important nor does any of it exist....

15th August 2010 06:08