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Hey all, I just joined. I've been meaning to join earlier but the forum wasnt working for firefox....

16th August 2007 20:08

Save it and add mods. I got loads by doing that. :P

17th August 2007 10:08

Btw there is a lies smiley: :lies: :lol:

18th August 2007 13:08

Both. I voted fries.

17th August 2007 20:08

Tried it, Doesnt work.

17th August 2007 19:08

Righto, I accidently deleted my Accessories page on my comp with the games in it. Is their any way o...

17th August 2007 17:08

This is happening to me as well. I managed to get it as my default on my last comp but i cant get it...

17th August 2007 14:08

Some car mods have dodgy wheels.

17th August 2007 11:08

Best places to get mods from are GTAgarage and gtagaming.

16th August 2007 23:08

Sucky sucky time?

16th August 2007 22:08

I googled it in the end... I was mad.

16th August 2007 22:08

You need version 1 of the game. There's a helpful vid or 2 on youtube to help you with mods.

16th August 2007 22:08

It just wouldnt load for me. I got the message saying that i put ww. or i misspelt it. -_- But i man...

16th August 2007 21:08

Don't flame me if i put this in wrong forum, I'm new. go figure. Hello, fellow insomniacs! I am fo...

16th August 2007 21:08

Thanks for the 1st welcome. Accepted you on xfire. :D

16th August 2007 20:08

Juggernut;3866747Whats the difference? One of the names has a 1 and the other has a 2..Pick your fav...

20th August 2007 19:08