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Good points Doc, but I think we would pray for any word about WildWest to spread to friends of frien...

21st September 2004 15:09

Simply not worth it.

22nd September 2004 03:09


22nd September 2004 04:09

Yeah, Happy B-day!

24th September 2004 22:09

4 more years! 4 more years! :)

30th September 2004 03:09

Yeah, the parts are scattered throughout the offices on the upper floors. Allies spawn and the Gene...

9th October 2004 21:10

It would matter to me if he broke the rules, but it would seem far too desperate to call him on it....

4th October 2004 04:10

Somebody made a map of Auschwitz? That would be pretty hard to do tastefully in RTCW. :uhoh:

7th October 2004 04:10

OMG, Hewster lives! (bet you didn't see that comin') :)

8th October 2004 04:10

Ig, send me a PM of where you are in PA. I'm right in Joisey as you know!

8th October 2004 16:10

Damn, that's pretty far out there. Have a safe trip home. BTW, I'll try my best to make the test...

8th October 2004 16:10

So are Dragon and Bite_me going to come down from the hinterlands to go to Game On NY? lol I think...

9th October 2004 15:10 :)

9th October 2004 16:10

I've been working on a map for the DeGeneration Mod for several months now. We may be testing it th...

9th October 2004 16:10

It's easy to be misunderstood when your sentences never end! j/k :) I think I understand what you...

6th November 2004 04:11

Thank Hewster, I didn't see your reply till now. :)

9th November 2004 14:11

Iggy survived Ivan! :)

19th September 2004 14:09

lol purdy good!

25th February 2005 16:02

El-Paolo-NL - The rope at the caboose can be un-hooked on the bandits side, there is no icon showin...

23rd December 2004 23:12

Happy birthday Bite_Me!

8th January 2005 15:01

Iggy Messina!!!!

12th January 2005 05:01

Is there an official test schedule?

15th January 2005 23:01

Sorry Dragon, I just read this now. I'm a bit busy with school work to re-compile Battlecreek witho...

7th February 2005 13:02

Thanks Dragon! I don't mean to come out of the woodwork when complimented, but I haven't had the me...

10th February 2005 22:02

Are we supposed to answer publicly? And am I disqualified since I was on the dev team? :)

25th February 2005 03:02