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here it is, this is a shot i took when i went to Sunset Cliffs, CA I love my widescreen

2nd January 2005 23:01

Yeah, I definitely recommend checking it out...I didnt have my expectations set very high when I wen...

3rd January 2005 02:01

I'm basically a retired gamer, or inactive gamer...I used to play Quake II, Diablo 2, and...

3rd January 2005 02:01

ah hahahaha, yeah...I remember seeing that one a while back Truly a classic

3rd January 2005 02:01

Thanks for the quick and warm hellos, I've already checked out the FAQ...I do my best to make sure I...

3rd January 2005 02:01

nice, i tried it out...i do notice a slight increase in speed, but that could just be me thinking it...

3rd January 2005 03:01

i love it! nicely done, looking forward to the final ;)

3rd January 2005 04:01


3rd January 2005 05:01

Sure thing, thanks again for the hellos.....MardoXide....I still cant figure out what you were sayin...

4th January 2005 07:01

cool name, yeah? woot! Toast to longest intro thread on first 3 pages, lol :beer: Hey to all...

5th January 2005 17:01

There's gonna be another Jurrasic Park? christ... Jurrasic Park = 9/10 stars Lost World = 5/10 sta...

5th January 2005 17:01

Hey there, and thanks for stoppin by ;)

6th January 2005 22:01