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Hi im gtifreak and im looking for either cod or cod uo clan. im am good with most guns not really go...

25th October 2004 04:10

can anyone help?

14th April 2005 05:04

Hi i need some one to make me a sig. My name is gtifreak people dont get it so im going to show them...

4th April 2005 10:04

cool thanks

5th April 2005 03:04

wow both are nice but is it too big? i like them both

5th April 2005 09:04

Well come up with a name first. Then make a website for your clan. Here is a free web host you cant...

11th April 2005 02:04

When playing CoD UO my roll bar for changing weapons is slow. how do i make it the fastest.

14th April 2005 03:04

just can you tell me please. i did it before but i fogot it and noone cared.

14th April 2005 03:04

Praet0rianMy weapon change speed dramaticly decreased and I was wondering what I should do to get it...

14th April 2005 03:04

The SS is recriuting. For more info please visit the home page: gtif...

15th April 2005 09:04

I was wondering, i made some demos on CoD and there a DM_2 File. I was wondering what can i use that...

23rd March 2005 07:03

hi can someone make me a war signature with this kind of font: And here it is without picture form...

24th April 2005 06:04

yeah maybe alittle lighter color thanks though its cool

25th April 2005 05:04

Hi can i have a banner for my clan it would be great NAME: Southern Soldiers COLOR OF NAME/TEXT: Red...

29th April 2005 04:04

On seceond though just use the font with the link i dont want to make it to hard on your genius mind...

29th April 2005 05:04

Well its ok but try somthing else more reddish and its Southern Soldiers:lol:

29th April 2005 06:04

Here are some pictures: http://i4.photobuc...

29th April 2005 07:04

love it thanks a billion!

29th April 2005 08:04

what the heck is a german front mod?

4th May 2005 07:05

hi i was wondering if any one could make me a clan logo, i would do it my slef but i dont have photo...

4th May 2005 09:05

is any of this free? and i dont want to download fraps or take over 100 screenshots and put them all...

24th March 2005 10:03

it doenst need to have animation. in fact dont use ani mation at all thanks

23rd March 2005 05:03

Could any one make a list on all the original files that I need to run CoD. I have way to many Files...

8th May 2005 19:05

can you put the in the middle in sted of the top please thanks

4th March 2005 08:03

Hi can i have a new sig & avatar please. Same name though. And in the background have some cool...

5th February 2005 12:02