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I just downloaded AA and i think it is amazing. What i been thinking, would it be possible to use th...

22nd February 2004 00:02

10/10 :) I like the * at the begining. :nodding:

3rd November 2004 18:11

I gathered that You > Me... But how does Trent > You? I thought You > all

1st November 2004 19:11

Teh game?

1st November 2004 20:11

So who's Trent?

1st November 2004 21:11

manslauterhow juicy and fun... how do u get the silencer on ur pistol?? Them screenshots are from...

1st November 2004 21:11

Typing /adm brings up this in your console. Like it says type /kick ? for example for more infor...

1st November 2004 22:11

hakkerK thanx, are those the only commands available? I thought there were more :uhm:[/QUOTE] Lik...

2nd November 2004 16:11

'[BAD S N I P E R']did that add [color=Red]anything[/color] to this thread :confused: :rolleyes:...

2nd November 2004 16:11 :) I hate that clan too, I get kicked a lot and when we scrim them, they...

2nd November 2004 22:11


1st November 2004 19:11

Well find one or two servers, stick them in your favourites, then you can easily find them later on...

3rd November 2004 22:11

=TecH=50 50 i'd say :nodding: I would have thought that there is more pure servers out there. What...

3rd November 2004 22:11

Also, if you are behind a router/firewall, make sure you open the ports for your server, because the...

4th November 2004 18:11

Good on you Donuts. :) Fawlty is brilliant. :nodding: You like Only Fools and Horses?

5th November 2004 16:11

TheSaint is much better. :nodding:

5th November 2004 16:11

Who's Edison Trent?

1st November 2004 19:11

Nice amp there Reven. :)

1st November 2004 19:11

That's twice in one thread you've double posted. Nice one...

29th October 2004 21:10

No, you raise it. The higher the frames per second, the smoother the gameplay is. Try setting it to...

28th October 2004 12:10

Am I the only normal here? :\

28th October 2004 12:10

Meh, I don't know you. But people must realise that posting these 'farewell' threads is just point...

28th October 2004 19:10

Lampshade. Sheep > Me

28th October 2004 20:10

howdy. :cya: Hope you stick around. :nodding:

28th October 2004 21:10

You can use your skins etc on non-pure servers aswell. :) All you have to do is connect to a pure s...

29th October 2004 09:10