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Hello i have a skin request... My clan is called [FX] I was wondering if you could make a skin for...

28th May 2003 18:05

the file is to big to upload on same host :'(

1st June 2003 18:06

yeah found that myself once I read this topic just like the bots in DOD:S that you can enable ... Th...

30th December 2005 04:12

I don't see this happening anytime soon since someone would have already done a Co-Op mod for CoD by...

26th December 2005 21:12

same I would love bots :), alot of people would say why do you need bots ? well I don't always want...

26th December 2005 21:12

AWE Mod? ??? Edit : Was reading up and found out you do...

26th December 2005 21:12

well since you can not edit post for over 200 mins you have to go to

4th June 2003 21:06

now the [FX] skin pack has bot support and one new skin for are newest member chaos. http://www.ang...

1st June 2003 22:06

thanks tFighetPilot you can now download the [FX] clan skins at

1st June 2003 20:06

Hello i need a place to host the [FX] Skin and site if anyone has any ideas plz post or pm me than...

1st June 2003 13:06

Idea 3: can anyone make a wicked looking Jedi Trainer with [FX] in dark green on his back.

28th May 2003 21:05

in the download is my very own made desann hope you guys like it. It is my first skin :) http://gro...

1st June 2003 12:06

looks alot better ingame than screenshots and kylek can't wait to see what you have made :).

29th May 2003 18:05

This mod Rocks i will tell all my mates :)

28th May 2003 22:05

if you want kylek you can do the color support if you want i was going to try it but if you don't mi...

28th May 2003 22:05


28th May 2003 22:05

that looks :cool: but i whould still like to see kylek and if thats cool there are two clan skins p...

28th May 2003 22:05

thanks guys

28th May 2003 21:05

I have a theory on how to get it working on XP but first I got to get it installed on my XP comp >...

21st July 2007 06:07