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I use a 5.1 system with my Call of Duty and I can't notice any surrounding differences. I know I ha...

19th October 2004 13:10


5th February 2009 11:02

bump, still need one.

4th March 2009 20:03

alright then thnx.

2nd March 2009 01:03

bump, still looking for a sig.

26th February 2009 09:02

bump, anyone going to do this =]?

24th February 2009 07:02

Also want an avatar with my name and this make it nice

23rd February 2009 13:02

Sorry for quoting i ment for editing =/

22nd February 2009 13:02

[quote=GuNZ_PwN;4809815]Text:GuNZ_PwN Images:I would to have this emblem on it And one of these peo...

22nd February 2009 13:02

quit that clan =/ that is why

22nd February 2009 13:02

Text:GuNZ_PwN Images:I would to have this emblem on it And one of these people(pick best image you...

19th February 2009 21:02

wow thx a lot man once again youve proven ur da best =]

7th February 2009 12:02

hey ram are u going to try this banner out?

7th February 2009 07:02

bump i still need a new banner

7th February 2009 04:02

ram can u give a try at this i really like ur sigs and stuff and ur really good at making stuff just...

5th February 2009 09:02

For Sig:Have [RFU]GuNZ_PwN as the txt which is my psn and put this emblem and maybe put Delta Fox Sq...

1st February 2009 07:02

didnt work out so well =/

5th February 2009 09:02

i would like a new banner for my clan something similiar to this tht is our old banner now we need...

5th February 2009 08:02

thx a lot ram it looks amazing and sorry for troubling you

2nd February 2009 03:02

ok man

2nd February 2009 02:02

yea thx anyway man

2nd February 2009 01:02

try either one of these pics whichever one looks best and for my name leave everything in the same p...

2nd February 2009 01:02

i mean put red fox united in top middle of the sig cause tht is my clan and keep delta fox squad cau...

1st February 2009 13:02

ok man i wasnt trying to be rude this is an elite shock trooper so if u would like to edit it or...

1st February 2009 13:02

btw ram thts a rlly good sig only better if it had an elite shock trooper people and can u please ta...

1st February 2009 13:02
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