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HiHi.. I like some CoD

21st September 2004 22:09

i think my remote port is getting me on my nerves

23rd November 2006 18:11

u need to crack the folder first if u have bought the pirated cd .

23rd November 2006 18:11

o.. u guys online gamerz ? or just single player ?

23rd November 2006 18:11

hi there FALLENDRAGON . just started huh ? same here.. haha.. ur problem is firewall ? what is it ab...

23rd November 2006 18:11

doom 3 ? hey.. same here . isnt the game nice ? its thrilling for me.. i die i respawn.. then so on....

23rd November 2006 17:11

Rpg and Strategy for me... i dont like simulations lolx.. boring .

23rd November 2006 12:11

My brother is opening an Air Conditioning company and cannot think of a great name. It's located in...

21st September 2004 22:09

wat games do u mean ? if online games , well the game i am playing is diablo2 lod and mu online . if...

23rd November 2006 12:11

Hi all . You all are free to post ur feelings about your games . Give some websites so that people c...

23rd November 2006 10:11

First make sure you are logged in as admin if using XP. If that isn't it, try uninstalling in safe m...

27th September 2004 11:09

Means too many kids are playing this game ;p OK, now for the real answer.... Question I am gett...

27th September 2004 10:09

I read this on another forum, so I'll just copy and paste it: 1) Install the game, 2) compare the...

27th September 2004 10:09

Airlando it is. Thanks for the help :)

22nd September 2004 07:09

Airlando haha... I like that :)

21st September 2004 23:09

lolx funny

26th November 2006 05:11