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Here Is A List Of Things I Learned In History Class We Are Learning World History In 12th Grade....

5th July 2005 03:07

No my headset microphone on my computer

14th August 2006 06:08

a phone has something to it? This thing happenes whenever i get on ventrilo and this weird morse cod...

14th August 2006 06:08

NighthawkWell if you want to get scientific and biological gays ARN'T natural or "right" they are in...

14th August 2006 06:08

then why do many couples get honeymoon and baby showers? thats too much there already which is more...

14th August 2006 07:08

read it carefully. COUPLES NOT GAYS I SAID. and what happened to equal rights? what you saying is...

14th August 2006 07:08

Hey! Its perfectly normal to be fat. But REMEMBER this... Everything has consqeunses and being fat d...

18th August 2006 05:08

I strongly agree with the top post. Banning gay marriage is the same thing as isolating illegial imm...

19th August 2006 01:08

In C://Program Files/Lionhead Studios LTD/The Movies/Data I cannot find some folders. Those folder...

30th August 2006 05:08

someone please help me

1st September 2006 00:09

The United Nations is good. Its what they do that people dont understand

14th August 2006 04:08

maybe i should create a party called Gaminism and get a next president from that

3rd September 2006 11:09

Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway is absolutely the worst game ever.

7th September 2006 03:09

Please dont bump a topic. Also open your console in the Single Player and type /map_oraIWDtest

7th September 2006 03:09

Im asking like some computers give shadows to yor call of duty and less dust and more "cool looking...

7th September 2006 03:09

I have a ATI Radeon 9800 Graphics card but it isnt really good. Is there anything that can boost up...

6th September 2006 22:09

its not in the my documents/the movies. all these readme files saids that textures is in the data...

6th September 2006 03:09

I cant find the textures folder and the props folder. Why is that?

5th September 2006 02:09

it would be nice if a independent canidate wins

3rd September 2006 10:09

i cant find textures folder

2nd September 2006 11:09

get 200 post on gamingforums.com

3rd September 2006 10:09

My goal is to unify the two Koreas

3rd September 2006 02:09

Of course Illegial Immigrants came to Earth!!!! Now back to the subject, Don't beleive in the inte...

2nd September 2006 21:09

Current Name: Nathan_Kang Desired Name: Hanbit

2nd September 2006 21:09

You Can Hear The Demo Here http://www.filehoster.co.uk/download.php?file=9f8e27a53ca8c287cce445638...

14th August 2006 05:08