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There´s a lot of good maps out there, for all the "flavors", but i´ll have to go with the VILLAGE ma...

28th August 2002 09:08

hahaha, he does man, he does....young kids *sighs!* :rolleyes:

16th November 2002 15:11

AAAHAHAHAHA! :lol: funny man.... maybe we can give him a chance, LoL!

16th November 2002 15:11

Originally posted by Kicked Axis Hi Hasufel, What nick is that? i was talking about "Venom"

16th November 2002 15:11

There is already a server where we all can fight, but we never use it....or there was, dunno if its...

14th November 2002 22:11

Originally posted by leiter Mac's processors are the best for graphics and script processing even...

14th November 2002 13:11

wth is a "PIONT"?!!? LoL :lol:

14th November 2002 04:11

Originally posted by Kicked Axis Ya, And shooting a lt is a sure way as to first piss someone off.....

13th November 2002 01:11

Is that so?!!? Talk about the girls back there! what can u say about em????:D

12th November 2002 05:11


11th November 2002 11:11

i have seen that nick a hundreds of times......

10th November 2002 23:11

i took it from LOTR : the two towers....the book u should read more, that opens ur mind to everythin...

9th November 2002 09:11

We cant give u any tips/examples/ideas coz it has to be a personal choice, man!:fistpunch: but wha...

9th November 2002 08:11

Kicked has decide to leave us..... :uhm: thats why he's using an awful avatar lol! we'll miss u bot...

9th November 2002 05:11

oops, yeah.......didnt thought about that one, my bad.... well, damn i'll have to stay with that ide...

8th November 2002 22:11

:( WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????!!!? :( *snif!* oh well......have fun man! and come back soon! as fo...

8th November 2002 20:11

[COLOR=red]"im gunna be taking a break...."[/COLOR] From {UA}, Clan =USA=, Clan ^WMD^ and others.....

8th November 2002 13:11

true, true...even if we never see u around anymore....:uhm:

4th December 2002 01:12

Originally posted by FlederMaus! "YOU GUYS SUCK!!" You can respond with: "Oh yeah? Well you suck...

5th December 2002 08:12

[COLOR=skyblue]Dad:[/COLOR] Its 10:00 son, and ur room is still a mess!! :uhoh: [COLOR=tomato]OutK...

8th November 2002 13:11

Looks like eminem, LoL!!:lol: and i hate that guy...:mad:

28th December 2002 11:12

see what happen when u smoke to much crack!!:eek:

6th January 2003 09:01

for the bloodpatch click here for the Nazi skin click here

5th January 2003 12:01

you can find the blood-patch and the nazi skin at the www.rtcwfiles.com :agreed:

2nd January 2003 22:01

Try to play again on the same server and in console, type /vsay wah..../vsay oh...vsay gasp......./v...

2nd January 2003 22:01