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I've read that on a POO FTP there is a mastersword, where could I get it?

12th July 2003 01:07

You guys ever read about the PCGameMods.com 2.0? There updating *Ithink* to 2.0.

29th July 2003 15:07

Being a *d*u*m*b*s*h*i*t*.

30th July 2003 17:07

Me agree's completly. BTW, Thanks for bashing me for nothing, racist.

30th July 2003 15:07

you might wanna do a body....I doubt a head over kyle is worth using...

29th July 2003 21:07

Ask Chairwalker to throw it in-game for ya. He is cool and dishes out the most models.

29th July 2003 20:07

You think there wouldn't? They've got Eldritch on the pcgm team.

29th July 2003 20:07

If thats funny, a cat walking around would be funny too, right?

29th July 2003 17:07

i r teh g0d

29th July 2003 13:07

I've corrected you once on how to spell release. 2nd time now.

30th July 2003 19:07

My brother is working on sounds as we speak

28th July 2003 17:07

He's having a hard time understanding that, as you can see.

28th July 2003 13:07

I've been talking with the maker for a bit. He is gonna toss me a beta soon...

27th July 2003 17:07

Coming soon. :)

27th July 2003 16:07

Lmao, you make no sense whatsoever. For the record, lern to speell fewr us poepel woh cna speell/

26th July 2003 23:07

Along the the 'n' words? Hardly funny.

26th July 2003 22:07

Neo, you don't have friends that would do that. No friends period.

30th July 2003 18:07

Me? Guys, go read page 3. Then you'll find out EVERYTHING.

30th July 2003 20:07

Saying the 'n' word would get him banned. Or so I would hope.

26th July 2003 11:07

I live in MA too, sucks because of all the humidity. And XRJon, this does not belong in General Disc...

17th August 2003 18:08

My brother made the TMU team model. Its very awesome, and when its done getting rigged for JA, and i...

26th October 2003 14:10

Well, that would be because models aren't easy to make, and aren't easy to make work in the game.

5th October 2003 03:10

Jide, you numbbrain. This thread is over a year old.

29th August 2003 20:08

mmm, muted you. Oh, btw, only 1 guy really dislikes me, its one person who is british. I don't have...

24th August 2003 14:08

Suck a wang Fighter, no reason to be a jerkoff. This was a good skin, Thermal, I recommend you email...

23rd August 2003 20:08