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I have a question about awards and ribbons of the special forces xpack, Do you have to be playing...

5th December 2005 21:12

In other words you would have to have the m95 before you can get the l96, and the DAO12 before the p...

6th September 2006 12:09

It all works as stated, I copied Euro Force and will now do the same with AF.

9th June 2006 23:06

OK, since I installed AF, its taking me 1 1/2 - 2 vehicles to get repair points. Anyone else having...

13th June 2006 19:06

Yea that wasnt the prob, before AF, I was getting 6-15 pts. now I ca repair everything and only get...

14th June 2006 19:06

I tried Aliblistas, way there and it crashes to the desktop as soon as I hit Singleplayer.

31st July 2006 15:07

Gee what happened to Friday 11th?

11th August 2006 22:08

When select the multiplayer option it CTDs.

13th August 2006 01:08

PKM, tough to get the hang of but when you do you can snipe with it.

14th August 2006 16:08

You just need a big map and hope for lots of Spec-Ops. I got 31 rep. on warlord in a round a few tim...

15th August 2006 11:08

Merciless creations uses them also in their single-player mod for bf1942. I just skinned one.

17th August 2006 18:08

I'll give it a go and reinstall it.

17th August 2006 23:08

Well Im getting serious sound issues all of a sudden. I'll play for about 15 minutes and then my sou...

2nd September 2006 04:09

Maybe its me but does the M95 site look any different, as well as targeting time?

6th September 2006 12:09

biggest shame is that you can't use graps or zips in the reg bf,af, or ef.

8th September 2006 21:09

Euro force isnt bad, but AF will be 10x better.

28th May 2006 17:05

No but my sound seems to dissappear 1 sound effect at a time, until i'm playing in silecnce.

11th September 2006 21:09

1st Lt. about to get promoted to Capt.

25th September 2006 05:09

Nicely done. I like very much thx.

3rd October 2006 21:10

The weapons and vehicle seem way underpowered. 5-6 shots from a walker to a infantry soldier, and he...

8th October 2006 05:10

So far no gameplay technical issues. Just disappointed in the rate of (or lack of) weapon damage. Ju...

9th October 2006 17:10

I'm getting blackouts and disappearing sounds.

14th October 2006 01:10

This is what I'm getting.It also occurs when zooming in with a weapon and eventually all text will b...

14th October 2006 04:10

Qualifying times for MECSF and USN Seal are the same 50 hrs in theater(I have 51:25), 1s in each map...

15th October 2006 01:10

L96 is part of Euro Force xpack is it not?

17th October 2006 04:10