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'LIGHTNING [NL']Western Europe (As in Netherlands, Germany, France) is GMT+2. No, it is GMT+1 hou...

8th September 2005 06:09

TarawaFanatic Time is still to be decided, we are thinking of 12:00 pm (Noon) PST (West Co...

22nd August 2005 17:08

Never heard of it. Why should they insert such an unimportant ship ?

7th September 2005 17:09

Hmm on Alpenfestung in 0.65 I think there was a radar station (is ist still there?) which you could...

7th September 2005 17:09

So here is what I think of you ..

31st August 2005 00:08

@ Tarawa Just make a target date, I'm waiting.

28th August 2005 17:08

'[nlInvincible']yow fogs, cant we do it tonight or is it already a time? comone tarawafanatic set a...

28th August 2005 00:08

Time zones suck .... we will never find a right time for everybody.

27th August 2005 16:08

Also happened to me some times but not on damned priest server.

26th August 2005 21:08

TarawaFanaticJust woke up at 2:45PM. So today is no go lol. I will inform you guys when we will film...

26th August 2005 07:08

Wake up .... stupid west coast of usa is 9 hours behind germany. ;)

26th August 2005 01:08

I'm ready today.

25th August 2005 16:08

TarawaFanaticI don't want to wake up THAT early. Usually I wake up around 4:30pm - so waking up at 1...

24th August 2005 16:08

Can't you start 1 or 2 hours earlier ?

23rd August 2005 17:08

Flippy WarbearYou can always record it... Anyways, I'll be there. :) I have no recorder,...

22nd August 2005 17:08

ClousseauI'd rather if they scrapped .7 and went straight to FH2 bf42 is practically unplayed nowada...

22nd August 2005 17:08

Did the Walrus have a machine gun ? Without one it would be rather useless.

19th January 2005 21:01

I made 2 screens. I know the right picture is not exact like a blueprint but the model looks a bit "...

1st January 2005 06:01

Run 4 Da Gunits not a revolver and its for germans I know. The Browning was used in Belgium,...

21st September 2004 08:09

SpenzI have tried over and over again to get it out of the barn. Even with deployable MG kits. It ju...

25th September 2004 17:09

Because the different amount of explosives: The panzerfaust had another system, it had a hollow expl...

23rd September 2004 23:09

I think it is the German Stielhandgranate.

23rd September 2004 23:09

USMA2010lol, i love this. some guy rolled up to my KT's right flank in a churchill, how i didnt see...

23rd September 2004 22:09

Look in ASE FragThe.Net |FH 0.65 public#1. Why do they already play there ? :uhoh: Oh sry, I wa...

23rd September 2004 19:09

BAMomg i cant imagĂ­ne how that will feel my school is over at 16:00 tommorow lol :) but it will rule...

23rd September 2004 19:09