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Hope To Cya And Frag Ya hehehe

31st July 2004 01:07

Ok I Download a mod for half life. Like Underworld Ok so I install it then i start it up and try to...

30th July 2004 23:07

Hey what is this map? http://www.mohfiles.com/file.potd?ID=12079

25th April 2004 22:04


7th May 2003 17:05

Alright good. Now i need some1 that can film it and some1 that can run a MP server and has a fast co...

3rd May 2003 20:05

Hey guys do u think this pic i made could win the potd?Here it is :Bows: THanks:rock: :smokin:

9th February 2003 05:02

also check out our new fourms:rock:

18th February 2003 23:02

can i be him if u dont find ne1 better. (even though i worked and made the poster,the banners and ma...

20th February 2003 01:02

Im 13 and i kick :moon:

20th February 2003 01:02

I mean i want to be Sgt. Higley:uhm:

20th February 2003 01:02

Its fine im not changing it. :cya: Its not easy u know:deal:

20th February 2003 01:02

Come on dude plz:(

20th February 2003 01:02

And heres the Sig for the actors and crew

20th February 2003 00:02

I want to be the Platoon leader:deal:

20th February 2003 00:02

also heres our banner:rock:

20th February 2003 00:02

Here is my AWSOME POSTER:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :dance: :dance: :smokin: Hope u like it i worke...

20th February 2003 00:02

i guess ill be Sgt.Higly. Cause i want to be a somewhat big role. So if im him im Platoon leader cor...

19th February 2003 23:02

ok cool but what is the like biggest role?:smokin:

19th February 2003 23:02

I wanna help too. Ill be the Hero. GET IT:lol: I also could make banners or Posters promoting the m...

19th February 2003 23:02

Tommy guns rocks:rock:

18th February 2003 18:02

2nd ranger ur working on the Desert Stand off too. cool can u make me my sig request look back in th...

20th February 2003 23:02

Lol yeah:lol:

18th February 2003 17:02

also guys can u make me an avatar matching my [BoB^A] sig?

18th February 2003 17:02

Also for my clan sig the [BoB^A] can i have some Americas Army Operation pics in it too. Then can so...

18th February 2003 17:02

I just got the AA:O Stratagy guide. It said in one section The Future of AA. It said that they will...

16th February 2003 19:02