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Hey Everyone, DJ xContr0lx here. I would be honored to play any music that you would like to h...

2nd November 2003 02:11

It really bothers me that someone will tune in, hear something they dont like, then tune out and tel...

3rd November 2003 00:11

nice nice.... if only we had a bot and if only I WASNT THE ONLY PERSON DJING... maybe wed be doign b...

13th November 2003 10:11

if im working at the time of the meeting... dont hold it against me.. because who was it that quickl...

14th November 2003 02:11

Yes, that is right.. the radiobot is up, although not complete it is running The Commands Are: .ser...

16th November 2003 02:11

frank is teh shit......

16th November 2003 13:11

ty ty... too bad dead brought the almightygodlybot back... but i have also included commands so that...

17th November 2003 13:11


1st December 2003 02:12


2nd December 2003 11:12


2nd December 2003 14:12

its nice to see that in finally doing something right

5th December 2003 13:12

woot... ressurecting a dead post... crash.. didnt you mean to type HG Radio not GF Radio

5th December 2003 13:12

hi..... did you know that each post must be 3 letters long... or longer

8th December 2003 15:12