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I uninstalled the game to clear my base folder and now when i insert my disc the play game thing pop...

20th April 2003 06:04

Does anyone know if they made a Deathstryke action figure tied into X2? I haven't been able to find...

9th July 2003 02:07

Dreadnought is stupid, [COLOR=Red]but not as stupid as Master Yoda who doesn't know when to quit[/CO...

18th December 2003 09:12

yes. but i can't do that because when i click his name it says that he is banned. duh.

18th December 2003 07:12

you stupid trekkie. do what i say. i have the real power.

18th December 2003 06:12

what did he do?

17th December 2003 20:12

why, i want to know. how else am i going to find out than asking.

17th December 2003 04:12

why was y2ktm2 banned.

16th December 2003 11:12

vast majority (3 out of 3) thinks 1 is better!!

9th July 2003 02:07

MESSAGE EDITED -NEVER let me see that again. Consider this your first and final warning. ~OmegaDir

20th April 2003 06:04

could someone please give me a list of all the jedi plus 4.3 admin commannds. i already know the on...

25th April 2003 08:04

no offence but i don't want to give someone i don't remote access to my computer. thanks anyways

22nd April 2003 09:04

hi guys thanks for the help. but none of it helps. i uninstalled it to clear my base folder. after...

21st April 2003 05:04

you are a newbie too. and you are defending tr*kkies. that is horrible. i pity you. you are a trat...

21st April 2003 04:04

actually they eat it. i would not be surprised. all star tr*k preople are stupid. inculding you peo...

20th April 2003 06:04

edit that [COLOR=Red]done [/COLOR]

18th December 2003 09:12