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Hey i'm[color=black]-=HIDDOS=- looking for a clan![/color] With two things: A english-speaking clan...

8th July 2005 22:07

I tried that one too, but when I use the 'Wizard...' and 'Import from an animation file' and put in...

16th May 2007 17:05

Okay here's the deal: If possible, I want a Youngling skin, but not a human species.. A Trandoshan Y...

21st February 2007 03:02

Ryo Thorn;3545653I have to ask you one thing, what do you want a baby lizard for? Hell, what would a...

21st February 2007 04:02

Forget it, this topic can be locked, sorry.

21st February 2007 21:02

CWH_CWz;22998Here you go! How to make a Roq file Eh, I wanted to make a roq file too, but the...

12th May 2007 20:05

Thanks, but yet, that doesn't help me, my problem is: I don't have any pictures, I allready have the...

13th May 2007 05:05

Inyri Forge;2380748Go down to "Sequence Format" and hit the "..." button. Find your AVI and select i...

13th May 2007 05:05

Thank you very much, but when I drag an .avi file into one of the .exe's, it makes a .RoQ file, but...

14th May 2007 00:05

Nope, Windows XP, just with a Vista 'skin'.

17th May 2007 23:05

Yea I got that once, too. You might want to try this: -Press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[DELETE] -Click the tab 'P...

6th October 2007 18:10

So yeh.. Last I well, made.. actually combined two models in MS3D (I still have to ask permission th...

8th January 2008 03:01

Thank you very much Kouen but eh... Rigging? o.o

8th January 2008 04:01

Thank you both very much, I've DLed a video tutorial on how to rig at MS3D and I'm trying it out now...

9th January 2008 00:01

Yea I noticed that now :( The vid clearly said Rigging Tutorial MS3D. But the vid clearly lied ... I...

10th January 2008 02:01

Hey guys, I've been getting a rather awkward error on ModView lately, and the error message is.. *d...

18th May 2009 23:05

I should be happy with a reply at all - So woot.

19th May 2009 02:05

exonimus;4893191could be anything I'm afraid... is this the same for all models? Yep, every single m...

19th May 2009 16:05

Bump.. Anyone?

20th May 2009 15:05

What program can I use to model? I really want to start making models.. Thank you :)

11th November 2006 23:11

Thanks alot people :)

28th August 2006 13:08

I forgot this : im not on the game on : FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY

9th July 2005 02:07

forget the I JOINED JSA post [i cant delete it?]

27th July 2005 13:07

Jsa-Taz on your (clan)site there is a donation thingy.. Is that for guys who want to donate or do yo...

9th July 2005 13:07

<--Yoda :D

9th July 2005 13:07
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