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no mythos is not in halo 2 the only thing that he just said in that list that is in halo 2 is the sc...

25th January 2007 08:01

amen... well i like it its not worth the money completely at first but then you realize it was a goo...

18th April 2007 08:04

okay, i DLed a B.A.T. file that did not have the readme with it, if some1 could give me a link 2 DL...

18th April 2007 08:04

WOW this is the EASIEST FIX EVER u have diff client ports check them out and reset them to work

14th March 2007 08:03

ya like ever1 in the world has seen that and thats how the mac rounds really look and the purple one...

20th February 2007 23:02

i want to extract the base from infinity and put in my map but dont know how to in hek+

18th February 2007 06:02

its just coincidental plus those r probably 24/7 servers

18th February 2007 06:02

wait nvm i thought u said halo CUSTOM EDITION nvm again

18th February 2007 06:02

how do i extract infinity's base gbx model tags to put them in gmax using HEK+? :confused::confused:...

18th February 2007 06:02

how do you make a mp plz tell me

27th January 2007 09:01

last week someone made a hoax of a halo 3 screenshot and here it is: now the reasn that this is...

26th January 2007 22:01

check to see if the game is full or has a password, because that is the mesage that comes up if the...

26th January 2007 20:01

please tell me

25th January 2007 08:01

how do u use the fraps?:confused::confused::confused:

22nd January 2007 01:01

hey how do i make a new thread?

24th January 2007 09:01

alright thx guys but ive been chatting with jameboy so i dont need nemore help, thx :):):):):beer:

24th January 2007 09:01

for example : the hog has a plasma turret hovers and is purple and the ghost is the opposite see?

24th January 2007 07:01

WHATS THE MOVIE NAME?:confused::confused::confused::confused::beer::beer::beer:

23rd January 2007 05:01

and yes i have halo ce (if some1 doesn't well they should just die) aww dont i think happy thoughts?

23rd January 2007 04:01

i have hek and know how to use it. i can use sapien for everything except A.I.

23rd January 2007 04:01

i want to make ai in maps but dont know how plz help!!

22nd January 2007 05:01


22nd January 2007 05:01

if u dont get the seats EXACTLY perfect, and exeption will occur

22nd January 2007 04:01

thx but also is there any way to tell if its recording of not?:assimilate:

22nd January 2007 02:01

a good mod would be a mod where human vehicles act and look like covie vehicles.:naughty::naughty::n...

22nd January 2007 02:01
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