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i used to play COD alot and i dont know if i accidentally changed settings or what but i was able to...

15th October 2004 04:10

sasha;4530507the first map id from SHOC. yes :)

25th August 2008 08:08

Donib;4538380Hmm would Clear sky run fine on E 8500 3,2ghz and 4 GB ddr with a 9800GX2 on vista :P?...

29th August 2008 05:08

In Russia the price for game has not gone down - 34$

29th August 2008 05:08

DirectX9 or DirectX10 Undoubtedly it is better directX10

26th August 2008 13:08

If to whom it is necessary, I can send you the collection edition, but 100 % an advance payment.

26th August 2008 13:08

I am feeling very excited now. Thanks alot my Russian friend. I can't wait to get my hands on this...

25th August 2008 15:08

I again have not understood you.

25th August 2008 12:08

Malinthebeast Has not understood a word "stats"

25th August 2008 10:08

i wonder like how will they let you join a faction will it be easier?? It already is in game Hopefu...

25th August 2008 07:08

Hello! S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky game super :cya:. 3 days already I play! Still: If there are ques...

22nd August 2008 14:08

Malinthebeast;4529433Hey Hip i'm really looking forward to Clear Sky but my PC only can run SoS on S...

25th August 2008 04:08

a ping pong ball? No, it is a small lamp! And a lighter not ZIPPO!

24th August 2008 17:08


24th August 2008 16:08

fps did not look yet. My system: Microsoft Windows Vista (SP1) AMD Athlon 4200+ 2Gb nVIDIA GeFor...

23rd August 2008 09:08

rfry11;4524913Yeah.. it sucks. Is it really because of the Georgian Conflict? If it was, crap timin...

23rd August 2008 08:08

rfry11;4524932Were you the same guy who posted the first 30 minutes of Clear Sky, or whatever. If so...

23rd August 2008 05:08

Amraam;4524654Awesome. How the hell do you have it though?! I'm jealous! I guess that blue screen...

22nd August 2008 16:08

:cya:Three days ago has bought the collection version of game:cya:

22nd August 2008 15:08

okey! I play a week on-line:)

31st August 2008 11:08