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hey man if you want sure you can use it I have no prob with it o and thanks for the plane.:D

13th July 2003 01:07

hey guys I have some models you can have like my M1A1 tank, huey and cobra plus a few others so if y...

13th July 2003 21:07

my email is [email][/email] I will get a pic soon as I get home.:)

14th July 2003 02:07

hey Pr|nc3 my email is [email][/email] if you want to send the plane thanks.

15th July 2003 04:07

sorry every one I forgot out about this here is the f14 I dont no how to code and such so its in gma...

18th July 2003 05:07

thats cool what unit is that truck how does it lunch the missles.

6th July 2003 02:07

the file was to big so here is the rest

18th July 2003 05:07

and the last file.

18th July 2003 05:07

No there was no animations on it that hade to do with ingame stuff it was todo with 3ds max.

19th July 2003 07:07

Hi love this mod is there going to any ships init thanks.

27th July 2003 20:07

Hey battatta do you need any more models I can make them but I dont have time to skin them since I a...

28th July 2003 04:07

Redarmy_LOFS Leader hello do you have msn messenger if so my contact is [email]corey.hayes@sympatico...

4th August 2003 07:08

Hey is it possible to import the models in the game into 3ds max to edit them and such. I was thinki...

29th January 2004 07:01

hey nice model I will do a skin but I need it in w3d so I can import it into 3ds max

6th July 2003 05:07

ya there was also a airliner that did not get enough fuel but it glided to the airport like 100miles...

5th July 2003 04:07

for one thing dont post two times thanks and the answer is no you can wait untill the mod is out the...

20th June 2003 04:06

No you can not donload the apache model we are not given out any of our models

21st June 2003 03:06

well this is problebly going to be the biggest mod every mod for gen. we are making it REAL life as...

21st June 2003 07:06

you have to get a plug in. Go to a BF 1942 site and there should be one I will lok for you.

22nd June 2003 04:06

thanks for the offer but we have a site just need a domin name and we are working on it. Any way I p...

22nd June 2003 04:06

ok here are some shots

22nd June 2003 07:06

AH 64

22nd June 2003 07:06

yes the Mig 25 will be in aswell as all the other migs like the 23,29 and 31.

22nd June 2003 22:06

how do you post pics like that o and the models look good.:)

23rd June 2003 03:06

what the JSF is not the f22 its a totally different plane. look at the pic below that is the jsf.

30th June 2003 19:06