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I am having trouble using these mods at one time. These are teh mods I want to use: New Imperial He...

13th January 2008 09:01

Yeah. Maybe add in some nice space structures too.

8th February 2008 06:02

So, how's it coming?

12th February 2008 07:02

You're crazy, I'm afraid. It's still there.

10th February 2008 07:02

Are you sure you're not just playing Easy?

9th February 2008 09:02

No, I'm certain it's the main campaign.

9th February 2008 04:02

Would increasing the scale make it harder to access planets? Like, if you doubled the scale, you're...

8th February 2008 10:02

That doesn't help if it's in GC, spike.

8th February 2008 09:02

Oh, the actual capaign? I believe you have to edit the Campaign_Underworld to edit that.......... an...

8th February 2008 08:02

There is one, but it's not FoC compatible yet.

8th February 2008 08:02

Ok, you have to edit the Story_Sandbox_(varies) for the heros and special stuff; and the Campaigns_(...

8th February 2008 06:02

It's proceded by the faction's name ex. Empire_Defense_Satellite_Repair. And I believe it's in EAW...

12th February 2008 09:02

Looks like one of the Imperial Palaces from UEAW.

8th February 2008 06:02

Aye, I've hit too many problems right now........... I'll create another topic for them.

7th February 2008 10:02

Ok, I'm having another problem.......... I made a planet, but I only want it to be accessible from o...

6th February 2008 09:02

Hm.... well, all I can say is double-check that DIAMOND_CORVETTE.TGA is in the MT_COMMANDBAR.tga fil...

5th February 2008 09:02

Sorry. I'm using the Death Star II........ I forgot that part.

5th February 2008 07:02

Did you try setting the Tech Level to 1 instead of 0? I find most units I try to add to the Consorti...

5th February 2008 06:02

No, it still doesn't belong here.

4th February 2008 19:02

Nonono, I mean those three text documents that came with the Map Editor Download (I think they're su...

4th February 2008 07:02

It's working now. The text files that came with the Editor were messed up somehow, so I can't read...

4th February 2008 06:02

It's called Defense_Satellite_Repair.... which makes no sense, but then again, nothing in XML ever m...

12th February 2008 09:02

This is a complete understatement. I can mod just fine with Vista, and I get no problems.

13th February 2008 10:02

Ok, I have only two questions: 1. How do I make it so I can add more models into the Map Editor so...

4th February 2008 01:02

Nice. Keep up the good work. I kinda miss the random side-missions from the orginal EAW, so this mod...

21st February 2008 11:02