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where are the cookies i want the cookies who stole the cookiesand the pie who stole the pie and the...

19th October 2004 00:10

i found my math home work it was in the trash can

19th October 2004 18:10


19th October 2004 18:10

Homer Gonersonguess what! i didn't go to school today! me too school sux

19th October 2004 18:10


19th October 2004 23:10

what is you re favorite animal .and the animal the you hate the most

20th October 2004 00:10

I HATE frogs and rats

20th October 2004 18:10


20th October 2004 18:10

i like dogs fish and more

20th October 2004 18:10

gizmo for some reason i do not understand this one... :uhm:me to

20th October 2004 19:10

Current username:soldier of reggeaton Desired username:homikebevik

10th September 2005 13:09