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RaipoIn my Doom3, I get this like LINE that goes down the center of the guys heads (Zombies, Imps, w...

10th September 2004 18:09

Adolf Hitler = Britney Smurf :lol: Osama Bin Laden = Fictitious Smurf :nodding: Britney Spears...

8th December 2004 21:12

This has probably been posted before, but I found it quite funny...

15th April 2005 13:04

I,m I newbie to Halo and I would hate to see this site die. If I could help I would, but I wouldn't...

31st March 2005 01:03

I can suggest a few things, maybe you need a faster processor or Windows XP, because I am running Wi...

31st March 2005 01:03

I had the same problem and managed to fix it. Make sure that your monitors resolution is set the sam...

30th March 2005 12:03

Have you tried lowering your screens refresh rate, also make sure it is set at the same rate as in y...

3rd February 2005 23:02

Fixed it, seems my screen resolution was set too high, DOH !.

16th January 2005 20:01

I recently bought Halo for the PC and it seems I have the same problem, all the latest drivers and d...

8th January 2005 22:01

I just downloaded service pack 2 last night. When I read this post I thought I had better check Doom...

22nd December 2004 19:12

I have (just) downloaded the patch too and I had the same thing happen to me, there was also another...

17th December 2004 21:12

Make sure your friend isn't thinking of the gravity gun made for Doom 3. If you do actually find one...

12th December 2004 19:12

Uhm... Papa Smurf = Flopsy Mopsey Smurf !!?? :uhoh:

8th December 2004 21:12

Madonna suggested a foam party, the Chemical Brothers live and a massive bag of cocaine, but I wante...

8th December 2004 20:12

It hasn't finished yet, North Korea have nukes ready for USA as we speak.

12th May 2005 00:05

:( Bah, you tricked me, I thought you actually had some hover mice !.

8th December 2004 20:12

FreakNastyhey, that was no murder, that was assisted suicide. there's a difference... :p Hah !...

8th December 2004 20:12

Lol, hamster murder massacre !

8th December 2004 19:12

Sorry for the loss, but did your hamster have really big hands ?, or was the gun very tiny ?. :p

8th December 2004 19:12

Groupie Smurf :confused:

8th December 2004 19:12

I'm 31, I've been into gaming for over 20 years, and I still can't complete Chucky Egg 2. :bawl:

6th December 2004 20:12

"At Victoria Station the R.T.O. gave me a travel warrant, a white feather and a picture of Hitler ma...

6th December 2004 00:12

I really like Vans, I've had six pairs, I'm on my seventh now, I find them to be soooo comfortable....

5th December 2004 23:12

Sh0wdowNYou are the spawn of spam. SPAWM.

5th December 2004 00:12


5th December 2004 00:12