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Hi All! I downloaded avmv4.0 (The Armored Voyager mod) and it rocks, Thanks Makers :rock: and I...

23rd September 2003 10:09

FT = Star Trek Armada: Future Tense Its the worlds best mod for armada 1, but hasn't been released y...

27th March 2005 02:03

Just tried, no go. :( I have an idea, I will try it and see what happens

6th April 2005 06:04

I don't think its possible. :( The reason for this is that the internal coding of armada I and II su...

5th April 2005 07:04

Thats for Max 3.1 and 4, lol

5th April 2005 04:04

MaP said there wasn't one :(

4th April 2005 23:04

If anyones got a .sod exporter for max 6, I could do some tex anim.

4th April 2005 09:04

Textures Sent

28th March 2005 08:03

Well FT will hopefully be released soon and we can look at the code.

27th March 2005 01:03

Can you make some Screenies of the Nemesis Shields? Or maybe a rundown on how you got them to work?

6th April 2005 07:04

Do you want me to resend?

26th March 2005 23:03

Any files people? Please? email: [email]tbrisbane@hotmail.com[/email]

26th March 2005 02:03

Sent. :) By the way, could one of you guys send me the files we have so far. I would just like to s...

22nd March 2005 10:03

Ok, got it working however, its behaving strangely. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't but w...

22nd March 2005 06:03

It doesn't, I've already tried that. I'll try operative's idea when I get home this afternoon.

21st March 2005 19:03

I'm not running A2, I'm running A1. :)

21st March 2005 19:03

I have GOT to see this! :D When are you submiting it?

6th April 2005 07:04

Can you pretty pretty please please Post a screenie? You rock for making this! :rock:

6th April 2005 07:04

Hi All I have been trying for about 2 weeks to modify the Death Chant weapon so that it increases t...

21st March 2005 06:03

http://armada2.filefront.com/file/AVM_Rhode_Island;5903 Theres a weapon with it that does what you w...

1st May 2005 10:05

FreyrSo I was right, that wasen't the only thing. What else is it doing? I don't understand why your...

22nd October 2005 20:10

Ok, well it ended up smaller than the orig. file, that confuses me. Also, why would it make any diff...

22nd October 2005 11:10

Ok, I'd just like to say that I'm not against the mod, I actually don't mind the gameplay other than...

22nd October 2005 10:10

KaBoom1701Interesting................. Anyway to post the lines of text that are added be the pa...

22nd October 2005 00:10

Hello all, A few others and I have recently discovered some disturbing information regarding the Fl...

21st October 2005 22:10