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Valgarochi;4068639hey Nomada, after i upload the Old Republic Model Pack, Can i have a cookie? :bo...

5th December 2007 04:12

looks like homeworld... But definately EaW because of those mines, as Oddslayer said

26th December 2007 00:12

The reason he has no file for all the Rebel units is because he has seperate xml files for every uni...

8th December 2007 08:12

i think the calm before the storm is over...

8th December 2007 09:12

Everyone calm down, i have PMed S.T.A.L.K.E.R to warn him

8th December 2007 09:12

why did you post three posts exactly the same?

9th December 2007 02:12

By default in FoC Vader does not spawn, he must be built at tech level five

10th December 2007 09:12

I'm no skinner, but it looks like the skin for that is too blurry, otherwise awesome work Daft

10th December 2007 09:12

For a regular unit, all you have to do is change the tags

10th December 2007 09:12

I think that very well may be the stupidest double post this month...

12th December 2007 07:12

general_kerr;4081740don't forget susuke! I am Hybrid, and spell my name properly kthx

12th December 2007 08:12

great job there :D

14th December 2007 07:12

Hey Oddslayer, you mentioned needing a Hex tut, check this ;) Re-skinning tutorial

14th December 2007 08:12

In my experience, it's quiet easy to model something complex with one object, you just have to know...

14th December 2007 08:12

Voted for Legolas

19th August 2011 02:08