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I have tryed countless things someone please help me!!! I can't get my custom sounds to play.....

26th May 2004 10:05

how can i switch this????they don't play and i have the sounds in the right place?

27th May 2004 08:05

ok, i can't open them because they are mp3 format

28th May 2004 01:05

ok, i got a ripper but what freq?

29th May 2004 02:05

Hey i have tryed everything, someone please check this out, i cant get it to work. Ig you could fix...

30th May 2004 00:05

I converted all of the files to .wav and the new freq. but still nothing!!!

30th May 2004 00:05

i am uploading the file to my site if you want to check it out

30th May 2004 00:05

I have recorded all the frequency to 41,000 hz 16-bit and mono, now what? I need help from here

1st June 2004 00:06

Hey, I am thinking about a speed racer skin, but don't know how to model, can someone help me on thi...

1st June 2004 00:06

Will anyone help me on this one?

1st June 2004 10:06

i finally figured it out, it now works, i had to switch the sounds.cfg to a new directory, thanks fo...

1st June 2004 10:06


2nd June 2004 10:06