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Hi.....great mods to all you modders. I have morgan0210's great USS Voyager and am wondering how ad...

16th October 2004 03:10

well i have UUM and i havent encountered one so far...which maps? iv played most of them :S

25th October 2008 14:10

tah now i just need photoshop ;)

7th November 2008 00:11

i havnt got one lol thats what i want to know, i want to make new ones :)

5th November 2008 15:11

how do i make or alter original registries??

4th November 2008 00:11

oh sorry its hard to get things like sarcasm when its text lol has anyone played the EARTH series a...

27th October 2008 03:10

gdata;4651464lol...then let other people make what you want to have..eh. You should try gmax and Ble...

27th October 2008 00:10

thats lookign great! hows the ship going?

26th October 2008 15:10

It looks more like a dominion ship, maybe a parallel universe where the federation join the dominion...

26th October 2008 15:10

i can mod odfs its rather simple when you know what your doing but for textures and M3Ds im not payi...

26th October 2008 15:10

it would be nice to have a TOS version of the NX ... with early TOS nacells, a lighter hull coulouri...

26th October 2008 04:10

it would still be good hehe

26th October 2008 04:10

Whoa! i have an idea :) what about the experiemental romulan ship from the season 4 of enterprise......

26th October 2008 04:10

i like the bussards :)

26th October 2008 03:10

will there be an ultimate universe mod for this?

12th October 2008 00:10

cant u make the ships ram enemy ships when the ship is seriously damaged that would be cool. And mak...

30th August 2008 22:08

how about the serenity ship from firefly?

8th October 2008 22:10

sorry i dont think i explained myself right instead of the three eras (ENT, TOS, TNG) that you can c...

3rd October 2008 00:10

is there any way that i can split the eras (ENT, TOS, TNG) into Ent, TOS, TMP, Early TNG, Late TNG/F...

2nd October 2008 23:10

sweet...wat about the lucrehulk class from episode 1 (the ships used by the trade federation to laun...

30th September 2008 15:09

can you not see the scroller? i had that problem, its on the left of the picture, if u download the...

21st September 2008 19:09

hehe sorry

19th September 2008 22:09

wat about E2, the enterprise that goes back in time during season 3 of enterprise?? see link--->&...

19th September 2008 22:09

i have another request hehe wat about E2, the enterprise that goes back in time during season 3 of...

19th September 2008 03:09

[COLOR=black]i have a lil list here hehe i dunno if any have been requested but i cannot be botered...

16th September 2008 05:09
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