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You get it on Nar Shadaa, where you use T3-M4 to infiltrate Vogga's warehouse. After you get the ID...

29th January 2008 19:01

25th October 2010 09:10

Wow, I remember that as being the wait for sex in my previous relationship. If only it was when she...

3rd November 2010 08:11

Ensign Riles;5418781Want me to truly make it not found? :naughty:[/QUOTE] Oh, haha, I see what you...

3rd November 2010 08:11

See what I did there? Fuck me, how genius.

2nd November 2010 19:11

OP is a faggot. Just thought I'd join in with the 4chan theme.

1st November 2010 07:11

I prefer it over Fallout 3 in every way, and I despise sequels entirely of late. I prefer the story...

1st November 2010 01:11

1) Time Travel was possible, but you couldn't have anything to do with it? I'd be fine. If I had...

28th October 2010 20:10

You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Muse Syndrome again. Love it, dude :p

27th October 2010 23:10

redgroupclan;5416327So that's a yes. Any answer to that question on the internet automatically poi...

27th October 2010 23:10

It's possible, though unlikely. Scho is a fucking pimp however.

27th October 2010 20:10

I fuck my girlfriend ever so hard, Jizz on your face is my calling card.

27th October 2010 16:10

I... wanna be in you.

27th October 2010 12:10

She's under my desk, actually... Spoiler: Show ...fixing my printer.

25th October 2010 09:10

If you press CTRL + W the hidden message doesn't make sense. Just saying.

25th October 2010 09:10

IcePure used MOLEST! Splicer101 fainted! IcePure got 200 BJs for winning!

25th October 2010 09:10

Kuro Tenshi;5419068Spoiler: Show tch... muse ur repeating ur self remember the mspaint week... repo...

3rd November 2010 14:11

I played it for 20 minutes and got bored. It's a game, and games aren't anything special. When you...

22nd October 2010 17:10


22nd October 2010 16:10

Splicer101;5413608hmm indeed it is but which splicer would you combine with? Splicer.

22nd October 2010 16:10

It's 4chan. Everyone is anonymous. There are no need for secret operatives :p

22nd October 2010 16:10

Sounds so cool!

22nd October 2010 16:10

I had a programming aptitude test today. We were meant to do it three weeks ago, but they forgot to...

22nd October 2010 12:10

That shit had assembly code in it? I should've done more than just the old Z80s and the PICs.

21st October 2010 21:10

RGC is universally loved.

21st October 2010 17:10