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Am I the only one that thinks LifeInATent and OutbackZack are equally faggots?

22nd October 2010 00:10


22nd October 2010 00:10


20th October 2010 15:10

I'm a hot nerd female.

19th October 2010 04:10

Embee;54110264 days left. This is getting exciiiitiiiiing !!!! Muhahaha BTW: has anyone seen this d...

19th October 2010 01:10

I'm enjoying Fallout: New Vegas more than Fallout 3 already, so it gets my vote.

3rd November 2010 15:11

You know what you pee out of? It was a euphamism for the male equivalent.

18th October 2010 23:10

My name was the shit to begin with.

15th November 2010 04:11

SuperSmeg;5427134You're the gangly 11th incarnation of me. You are full of energy and life. I would...

23rd November 2010 01:11

^ I was going to post that exact video upon seeing the title of this thread. But alas, an earlier i...

22nd November 2010 08:11

Chavs have knives because your average Brit doesn't carry one. You'll notice that guns are used agai...

22nd November 2010 02:11


21st November 2010 01:11

I've been lurking since around 2005. Mostly Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. =p I remember joi...

20th November 2010 22:11

Zapex looks bemused at the idea of being a stripper.

20th November 2010 22:11

The whole 'you can't buy guns' thing seems to not be an obstacle here in Birmingham. Even a Police S...

20th November 2010 22:11

I have come to save the topic. Though I had been with a girl for 2 years while 11-13, it doesn't re...

20th November 2010 10:11

My family is my pet retard.

19th November 2010 23:11

I shot the serif... ...but I didn't shoot the comic sans.

17th November 2010 08:11

It is how Micheal Jackson got so close to little boys.

17th November 2010 03:11

Schofield;5423727Thanks, oh and I fickst some grammar errors. Fixed* Oh snap.

15th November 2010 04:11

NiteStryker;5423917Winner / catagory: Me / everything Fixed.

15th November 2010 04:11

Muse Syndrome;5422947Musegroupleerebornelfieldpurextorolas. You referenced me! I...I love you!

12th November 2010 20:11

3rd November 2010 21:11

Schofield;5422514And a few days ago he said "who the fuck pays for an alpha?" But then Muse made an...

11th November 2010 12:11

I bought it today. I fucking love it!

11th November 2010 08:11