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Hi there, My first post on this forum. Is there any good link to download all the FH files? I mean,...

15th November 2003 09:11

Damn! :lol: Stop joking :-P Show us some screenies of the new map! Something says it's cool :moo...

9th April 2004 01:04

Many thanks for the hints!

13th March 2004 12:03

I would appreciate that map list.

14th March 2004 02:03

Is it really effective? I couldn't explode a tank with it yet ... Is there any kind of tank that thi...

14th March 2004 02:03

Hi, Me and some friends started our Brazilian fan site. Check it out: (it's li...

15th March 2004 08:03

Thanks for the clues ;-) We will use this map list:

16th March 2004 08:03

Any links? thx

17th March 2004 20:03

Also, it would be could if it could be found on the main site ... :-(

17th March 2004 22:03

So based on sport videos like that DC makes their configs? L O L Now I understand why...

18th March 2004 02:03

Did not found in any of them :(

18th March 2004 11:03

Thanks! Any instructions how to patch it? JUst decompress the 0.61 in the server directory? Sorry...

19th March 2004 22:03

Do you also have the update and server files in this FTP?

30th March 2004 21:03


31st March 2004 20:03


16th April 2004 21:04

Hi there, Would someone give me a hand in server config? I would appreciate any suggestion about it...

13th March 2004 00:03

Hey guys, check this Press Release from EA: REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 20, 2003 - Move out soldie...

20th April 2004 20:04

Can FHX be merged with 0.62? "One mod to rule them all" ;) Obs: The realplayer support sounds inte...

23rd April 2004 01:04

How about get back to the topic?

24th April 2004 02:04

Ok, I really wish that on this BF2 they exclude the 'paper behaviour' of vehicles. It's no cool to s...

24th April 2004 02:04

IcewarpCan FHX be merged with 0.62? "One mod to rule them all" ;) Obs: The realplayer support soun...

24th April 2004 02:04

Isn't possible to optimize the current version a little bit? To check about fat textures, optimize s...

30th June 2004 23:06

But I've heard several people say that there's unused models and coes in the files. Isn't worth to c...

1st July 2004 22:07

Any updates?

28th July 2004 05:07

I wish the developers would really read and liston to those suggestions. :uhoh:

31st July 2004 03:07