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when will you be updating your website

25th November 2006 06:11

hows the mod going

2nd July 2007 23:07

there are not many KOTOR era mods but who needs loads of them when there is one really good one call...

26th June 2007 01:06

its starting to sound like a mod now

26th June 2007 01:06

dont try and be funny because you are not

26th June 2007 02:06

or download the trainer. there is one just type in empire at war cheats on google and you will find...

26th June 2007 22:06

yep you need to make a new bumb map for NR SD

27th June 2007 03:06

sounding good. good luck with it

28th June 2007 04:06

boba does not die and jar jar is the worst character ever. my favorite star wars character is Revan...

28th June 2007 04:06

your best bet is the pictures of z3r0x ones

28th June 2007 23:06

looking good

30th June 2007 23:06

he made a good mod unlike some of the newer ones

25th June 2007 23:06

good its not dead i was looking forward to it and i still am

3rd July 2007 02:07

looking good lavo

3rd July 2007 14:07

i was thinking the same thing

3rd July 2007 17:07

they all look good

5th July 2007 15:07

It look good. The only thing i do not like is the size of the planets.

5th July 2007 15:07

looking good

5th July 2007 17:07

I would have join and taken part but i have already got that game. Come to think about it i have mos...

6th July 2007 15:07

thats a very good point.

6th July 2007 15:07

So what if he says ditto you cannot tell him what to post. Also so what if there are a lot of young...

6th July 2007 15:07

sounds good tk need any help

9th July 2007 02:07

Valgarochi;3753968yeah, too bad he didnt make one for FOC i know that would have been even better bu...

26th June 2007 01:06

its interesting to find things like this out

25th June 2007 22:06

z3r0xs v5 is a huge vong/njo mod

21st June 2007 23:06