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The CD key router posts were moved to their own thread. http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?...

25th November 2004 22:11

Help Lines Hear Thanksgiving Horror Tales Fri Nov 19, 6:29 PM ET U.S. National - AP By BETSY TAY...

23rd November 2004 02:11

The Lone Wolf 1.6 beta server is passworded because it is a test server. Even if it was not password...

13th November 2004 09:11

He had to cut back on his expenses, so his Internet connection had to go.

2nd December 2004 10:12

HewsterEDIT: made this post before your last reply pooh.. I'm glad its fixed :) see my last sentence...

7th November 2004 22:11

PreacherSomeone call for a Preacher? :lol: No.:uhm:

9th November 2004 07:11

PreacherHmmm, not knowing brit slang very well, is this something I want to be around? Sounds...gros...

9th November 2004 07:11

Happy birthday to a good friend and a wonderful dev team associate!! May you have many many more.:n...

9th November 2004 07:11

rev el blue duck http//rev.el.clan.tripod.com/ This URL does not work.

8th November 2004 03:11

Ensign Who?? Is that like Ensign Parker? Actually I was gonna vote NO, but then I was gonna vote yes...

9th November 2004 08:11

For lighter fare, The Princess Bride. For a whodunit with terriffic writing, Blood Simple.

7th November 2004 22:11

Hi Dave. Welcome to GF. I am not a hardware guru and I may be wrong, but I think your new equipmen...

7th November 2004 22:11

Hewster is correct, reinstalling WW or RTCW will not make any difference. This is a connection issue...

7th November 2004 22:11

That is on the list to be updated along with the 1.6 release. We already have updated look and feel,...

7th November 2004 10:11

You did not say if you were logging into Windows as an administrator, or a user with administrator p...

9th November 2004 07:11

Ensign RilesEnsign Tom Paris? Voyager?

9th November 2004 08:11

Can you be more specific about what you mean by making your map into a pk3? Did you include the bsp...

13th November 2004 09:11

'Dreadnought[DK']mac, pffffffff chili mac???

12th November 2004 07:11

I don't believe there is an official mac version, but there is a person, whose name escapes me, who...

11th November 2004 11:11

You dont EVEN want me to get on my soapbox about this. My sig line says it all.

11th November 2004 05:11

Spend just 15 bucks USD and get RTCW at Target or Walmart, then download The WildWest mod and have s...

9th November 2004 08:11

What is the latest status of Mountain? The tunnels were too dark imo. Will it be ready for final tes...

9th November 2004 20:11

Howdy. Aren't peeps those little marshmallow baby chicks you get in your Easter basket???

9th November 2004 12:11

So that was a soy sauce commercial????

9th November 2004 12:11

And your point is exactly what?

9th November 2004 12:11