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I need help taking away this messed up firewall so i can host.... I have wireless connection and i c...

23rd October 2004 14:10


17th April 2011 01:04

I saw this awesome rebel armor once in a comic and it's available in Star Wars Galaxies, os if someo...

4th May 2011 20:05

I made even better ones. I also added a faceless version where Darth Maul looks like he's hiding his...

4th May 2011 01:05

Okay here are the screenshots.

2nd May 2011 03:05

Yeah when the download link is up i can make them.

1st May 2011 18:05

I could make the screenshots and the icons.

1st May 2011 04:05

It's okay if you use the already existing screenshots and post the link to them.

28th April 2011 14:04

So Shifty do you have a release date already?

21st April 2011 01:04

If you need help with skinning i could help if you want.

20th April 2011 02:04

Looks awesome, is it nearly finished if i may ask?

18th April 2011 03:04

Oops my fault sorry, for that.

17th April 2011 02:04

He's on the left a little next to the box.

17th April 2011 02:04

Hi there, i am searching for a map which looks like the matale or sandral estate in KOTOR. I know th...

17th April 2011 01:04

It's some kind of evil armor for the good guys.

5th May 2011 03:05

I hope he can find it because it looks awesome.

10th April 2011 02:04

I think it looks awesome, it doesn't matter if it's finished or not.

7th April 2011 23:04

I saw that one: In this thread: RJW_ca STAR WARS SKINS --OJP-- - LucasForums But it seems that i...

6th April 2011 02:04

I had the same question years ago but it's actually quite simple. Put the model pk3 file into the ba...

31st March 2011 01:03

Awesome, i could help you with skinning if you want.

27th March 2011 05:03

Nah i make only skins and animations.

26th March 2011 17:03

Sorry to revive this thread but i have still some issues with the force lightning. The lightning is...

25th March 2011 03:03

So i plaayed the RotS video game again and i thought it would be awesome if someone could make a mod...

25th March 2011 02:03

Awesome. I don't know if you accept requests but it would be awesome if you could make the Sith Warr...

25th March 2011 01:03

Ok i didn't know that. Works now thanks for your help.

21st March 2011 04:03