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i don't know i read only spawn. You have any ideas?

27th September 2003 18:09

i get xsi error when i try to import root.xsi I'm using 3dsmax 4 with xsi plugin from JK2 editin too...

4th October 2003 03:10

k. i'm waiting for list. I hope i'll get JK3 before you send me list. i think i'll get JK3 in five d...

4th October 2003 03:10

jap,wrong but you can edit already made shaders and then try to make new ones.

3rd October 2003 21:10

k. i have probs in school too. my profs hate me and they always want me to know everything. if you h...

3rd October 2003 20:10

if any1 want to continue this i'll send him models,i have no patience to do this

1st October 2003 07:10

i don't have it but i'm going to have it in few days. i'm waitin for drawins

30th September 2003 02:09

what is trigun model??

28th September 2003 08:09

you can't make players. when i was lookin there wasn't any good tutor. The first thing is thermal de...

28th September 2003 01:09

i'm playin JO.

27th September 2003 18:09

i don't know. i have just typed /join #fantasyteam. When you are going to send me pk3.

27th September 2003 02:09

use :google: and type richdiesal mapping tutorial. he explained everything you need to know for star...

5th October 2003 05:10

i've made #fantasyteam channel

26th September 2003 06:09

listening : every type of metal(especialy power,heavy,black,death. Don't like gothic.) Jazz,blues an...

26th September 2003 06:09

blind guardian-bright eyes blind guardian-mirror mirror blind guardian-imginations from the other si...

26th September 2003 06:09

i don't understand ppl that break in other ppl houses. If their life is miserable why do they make o...

26th September 2003 05:09

3dsmax 4. why do you ask?

26th September 2003 05:09

OK. i was bored at school so i make few gun drawings than i get an idea why don't make them and put...

26th September 2003 01:09

Thanks man. That helped very much.

26th September 2003 00:09

GMAX is 19 mb and tutor is abot 12 mb. But gmax is very good and tutorial explains almost everything...

25th September 2003 04:09

OK. i'm here about midnight tomorow.

25th September 2003 04:09

Milkshape is not good. download gax it's much,much better and easier. And you can download tutor for...

25th September 2003 03:09

save your map,than go to bsp menu and choose one of compilation types. Why don't you use richdiesal...

5th October 2003 05:10

i hope some1 will make it. I don't know is there one already made

5th October 2003 05:10

i have seen you have put me in credits. thanks. Are you going to work with us on JtA project??? Are...

17th October 2003 21:10