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you have to clip it Puckey tutorial on cliping :

26th June 2003 19:06

Well what can gmax do to create stuff for jk2? heres a thing which I followed and made parts of my o...

27th September 2003 19:09

post some pics or links of Rurouni Kenshin.

25th September 2003 18:09

Yeah i would like one.

27th September 2003 06:09

Can you use gmax to create player models for jk2?

27th September 2003 12:09

In jedi outcast II or in quake 3?

27th September 2003 15:09

Ok forget that question, IMALES or anyone else what tutorial/s do you recomend apart from the 'gmax1...

27th September 2003 17:09

Yeah, did you change the file names then didnt edit the .skin file? If not you cant send it to me an...

27th September 2003 18:09

Well i do know but iam not so good at explaining basicly from my knoledge i dont know for sure coz t...

27th September 2003 19:09

how much mb is it?

24th September 2003 19:09

yeah send it all over, by the way is it a obi wan model?

28th September 2003 10:09

Thats one impressive map GothiX, but how did you create it change the GTK texture and shader directo...

28th September 2003 10:09

Where do I get 'q3map2toolz'?

28th September 2003 11:09

Ok.thanks but I cant use it coz i dont have JA yet.

28th September 2003 11:09

Ok. Send the folder/s to [email][/email].

28th September 2003 12:09

But can I like NOT have JA and still create maps for it ^.^ ,with no probs?

28th September 2003 12:09

Was there a tutorial, well all iam saying is i dont have JA, But will i be able to create a map wit...

28th September 2003 13:09

Hey pretty cool what program did you use g-max?

25th September 2003 18:09

Does anyone know of any easy to follow milkshape tutorials not necceraly on people but objects as we...

24th September 2003 19:09

It dont matter if you know good English or crap English English is English.

28th September 2003 17:09

Well he should skin a skin but, not a clan one or so he decides, so he can fuse with his skills.

21st September 2003 13:09

Ive only just started to learn HTML about a month ago.

21st September 2003 12:09

SKIN Grayfox.

21st September 2003 12:09

Whats he kidding about, that he gotta pay pay 25 $ to get it registered?

21st September 2003 12:09

Ohh... is that possible ? anyway, LeeXai your sig is totaly wrong coz you cant use html, heres what...

21st September 2003 12:09