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How do you make Effects with EffectsEd?

21st September 2003 20:09

Where can i get it from?

21st September 2003 21:09

right click >> info >> info_player_start

23rd September 2003 03:09

try search it up on the internet.

25th September 2003 01:09

is that possible?

23rd September 2003 03:09

Isnt there no plugin or export command?

24th September 2003 01:09

So the map is finaly gonna be realeased, or not just yet?

24th September 2003 02:09

OH i get it. But does it work?

24th September 2003 02:09

What you mean in, in the atually game or like an sp mod which you want to defualt set the force pow...

24th September 2003 02:09

what model will it atually be on though?

25th September 2003 00:09

Ok, well GothiX, you know JO if i make a map for that and put it to JA will it work?(textures shader...

29th September 2003 00:09

err... I would but i dont know how, good or crap iam. heres my email anyways [email]inhertz@hotmail....

29th September 2003 03:09

Whats the difference between them?

21st September 2003 16:09

I would like to join but what the hell is coruscant? anyway I wanna join.

12th October 2003 04:10

Damn you can put the Vehicles already, what is the link for that race mod ?

9th October 2003 02:10

You Do mean the Texture thats Red saying clip physic all over it right?

9th October 2003 03:10

sorry for my bad spelling.. on the texture search box type physics_clip . then use that instead of c...

9th October 2003 03:10

I thought people that request stuff should be kind to the maker.

10th October 2003 03:10

yeah how do you... I need to know the answer to that question too or is it on another thread?

11th October 2003 05:10

delete lots of brushes, just post a picture so people can see the ammount you use.

12th October 2003 01:10

I too need to get some tutorials on saber hilts and learn to make map objects etc.

12th October 2003 22:10

Wow, why the hell is it so complicated?

8th October 2003 03:10

Where or what is 'seige' from star wars.

25th October 2003 04:10

Good tutorial but how do you know if its the right size, are there any other tutorials? eg; uvmappin...

25th October 2003 16:10

You mean the the saber or the bright part was side ways?

26th October 2003 18:10