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I want to be like Revenge

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so next time when i am covering your ass i get killed for laying still for a minute just give TKérs...

6th September 2002 22:09

sounds cool

13th December 2002 20:12

its you now pis off

16th December 2002 22:12

what i hate about EA servers = this Fuhrerkiller Gaymaster ****head Have to kill you !!! lamo BFn00...

16th December 2002 22:12

Originally posted by Mudd-Gutts I was thinking where the hell is my mortar? I loved them in ArmyMen...

16th December 2002 22:12

Originally posted by Mexmadman Well said :agreed: :thumbsup: Hopefully, someone with more power wil...

16th December 2002 21:12

well i messed up the whole bar section i gave the mg-42 to the assaulters well at least the model...

15th December 2002 23:12

wtf are you doing in this 25- poster post thats just an outrage sh0rd btw i got the mg42 deployabl...

15th December 2002 23:12


14th December 2002 21:12

whats verdun ?

13th December 2002 11:12

Originally posted by Kombatant Iniog stop freakin flaming everyone! He was asking a simple questio...

17th December 2002 04:12

lol yeah that still happen to much to me i always seem to get in boats where n00bs are driving

13th December 2002 11:12

:rock: yeah thats always fun but what i found the most funny about the new patch is that plane cam...

12th December 2002 19:12

Did i suck

12th December 2002 01:12

How the hell do you use you mouse ? or are you just sitting in a major crappy position ? --------...

11th December 2002 23:12

the best idea i heard yet the only game its really good for now is CC generals

11th December 2002 23:12

sw33t thnx i hope zerks battlecraft will be finished soon

11th December 2002 05:12

well i just pointed out that i hate that question he didnt like it and started fighting i'm just t...

11th December 2002 05:12

Yup thats the only thing that works I would try what Apocalyps said and its fixed Drastic but it w...

16th December 2002 22:12

Originally posted by Kombatant if you dont care then dont post. period. and about that flaming smi...

18th December 2002 10:12

just a few same old ones in there to

10th December 2002 15:12

Use All seeing Eye and do a server search OR use Gamespy www.gamespy....

18th December 2002 23:12

im sorry i wish i could code or make textures OR make models i now 10000 of idea's HOW to make stuf...

19th December 2002 18:12

ok now i have to say it i have the right now (i think) IDIOT

19th December 2002 18:12

*Shakes Kombatant hand* there is no way a discussion can be won on the internet only games can settl...

19th December 2002 18:12