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++++++Transmitted: Righteus fury ++++++ +++++Recived: Terra+++++++++ Hello I am Inquisitor Bal...

29th December 2003 05:12


18th January 2004 19:01

why post it here?? because this is the only place iu could thinkof - ive tryedevery one else and no...

18th March 2004 17:03

Hello pps im making a mod for jA called sith apprentice i have disigned the basic plot and have desi...

15th March 2004 17:03

Think sas marines every chaperter gives some marines to it they get more training and paint there ar...

29th January 2004 10:01

tip - play grey knights........

29th January 2004 10:01

chaos marine with flamer + kroot = Kfc !

24th January 2004 00:01

also tau stuff looks semi organic - like mushrooms ( which is proberly why they are such an enlighte...

21st January 2004 16:01

well if you consider "well" as putting small fluffy kittens down "wells"......

21st January 2004 01:01

Yes Yes Ohhh Yes!!!!

18th January 2004 20:01

That looks realy nice, well done.

18th January 2004 19:01

How about somthing like this??? ( You have to cop...

29th December 2003 20:12

I know this is a long shot but will there be close combat in the mod??? it wouldnt be that much work...

18th January 2004 19:01

Im tweaking some visial bugs

15th January 2004 00:01

ok this is my next pic of its construction

30th December 2003 17:12

LoL yep very formal ;)

30th December 2003 17:12

like i said i haven finished

30th December 2003 11:12

yeah but its one i always ask every 40k rts mod i come across

30th December 2003 01:12

its still under construction im goiong to add lots of stuff 2 it - but i knocked this up in an hour...

29th December 2003 23:12

jokareo are a type of speechless orange monkey that are amazingly technologicly aware ( they create...

29th December 2003 23:12

goblins carnt hits anything - why snipers?

29th December 2003 21:12

Hello there, some of you guys may remmeber the Dawn of heresy mod that promised so much and then un...

6th April 2005 07:04