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Is there any way to add Bots in Call of duty United Offensive?

30th September 2004 05:09

Hello,I am Zeljko or Zafor from Europe,city Banja Luka in Bosnia Herzegovina,big Call of Duty fan an...

30th September 2004 05:09

I can open and edit .gui & .spr files but i cant save in either format! As you could guess, t...

20th August 2007 13:08

Gavin1701;3869210Right click the file and go to properties. Make sure the 'Read Only' box is not tic...

20th August 2007 16:08

thanks alot ragnar, just what i needed.:bows: :inthetoilet: wierd things happen to people

21st August 2007 00:08

i like phasers, they look cool. :sillyme: there shiny :cool:

21st August 2007 00:08

:bs: thats from star trekking by spitting image

21st August 2007 00:08

SOVERGN hands down. it's a hual @$$ whip @$$ ship that happens to look very sexy

21st August 2007 00:08

someone should really make more SECTION 31 SHIPS for A2. i've noticed that lagacy and some other gam...

28th August 2007 00:08

i just used sov. sec.31 refits (3 of them) and they worked every time. probably a bit of overkill th...

28th August 2007 11:08

if your using vista then that could be your problem.

28th August 2007 12:08

is that a problem? }> say goodby to yorktown class say hello to tactical cube !!!:tommygun:

28th August 2007 12:08

thanks lord trekie.

28th August 2007 12:08