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hey, im having some trouble in Milkshape. i fallowed Major Payne's .SOD tutorial to the letter, yet...

15th February 2009 17:02

SCOUT ODF FILE BELOW #include "scoutBase.odf" //Name of Ship class in Ship Display window &...

24th April 2009 20:04

just thought i'd mention, the scout ship and bait ships are TWO DIFFERENT ships

25th April 2009 01:04

Starfleet kid, the actual ship is unarmed (or armed very lightly to the point where it would do no r...

25th April 2009 00:04

That sounds fun :p any idea as to how one would go about this?

24th April 2009 22:04

oh, i have another question, im trying to make a "bait ship" so to speak. essentially, she has magne...

24th April 2009 21:04

Alright, thanks tho :)

24th April 2009 21:04

PHASE CLOAK ODF BELOW //Display name for this weapon wpnName = "Phase Cloak" //tooltips tooltip =...

24th April 2009 20:04

of course

24th April 2009 20:04

nevermind, found it! :D

25th April 2009 11:04

Ok, so I'd like to know what file i need to edit to make the subtitles on Single Player change, or e...

23rd April 2009 19:04

Hi, I'm thinking about installing phase cloak on a scout ship, but I want the sensor range to severe...

17th April 2009 15:04

i agree with you, she is looking great :) any guess as to when she'll be up on filefront?

11th April 2009 22:04

Hi, I'm working on a new mod, a Single Player redo, and I need a few people's permissions, AND NON A...

11th April 2009 21:04

am i the only one that sees the connection?

11th April 2009 14:04

thanks :D all the parts and pieces of the phisical ship are done. now im just ironing out some physi...

8th April 2009 22:04

the visibility of the probe isent all that important. if it is visible, i'll keep it as a probe. if...

25th April 2009 11:04

im having some trouble with the in-game probe. the button doesnt even appear. i know this is proly a...

25th April 2009 13:04

i dont know much about the 1.2.5 patch, i'd be interested on any developments with this too.

22nd March 2009 20:03

you go to layers, then duplicate the background layer. you'll get a layer that says background copy...

27th April 2009 22:04

Actually, i did look into your mod sometime ago :P the animation is proly too much work for me tho c...

8th May 2009 20:05

oh, haha. forgot the special energy:P thanks for the help :)

4th May 2009 11:05

Thanks :) I fine tuned it and now it works perfectly! another problem has presented itself tho, the...

4th May 2009 10:05

Ok, so I'm attempting to make a "Sensor Ping" special weapon. For this, I am using the "Probe" speci...

4th May 2009 09:05

maybe something with the physics files?

29th April 2009 23:04