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I was told on Punksbusted that there is a bug with pure/unpure servers. There is a easy way to bypa...

28th April 2004 11:04

In the server list in-game, it should have a box "enable punkbuster" click it

4th May 2004 22:05

Go play Q3 :D Its fun as, the straffing in GoldRush is alright, but if u wanna make strafe jumping...

4th May 2004 18:05

Yer has happend to me, all i do is replace every config with my OSP config.

4th May 2004 07:05

Hey Godh, goldrush is good, but is there anyway u can get full blown Quake Strafe Jumping in 1.4 :D

4th May 2004 07:05

yer what S&D said, i should've said fast connection, cos i think some of the patches are pretty...

2nd May 2004 13:05

Gold edition cost more and has all the updates. If u wanna save money and have a good connection, bu...

1st May 2004 23:05

Yer has happend to me before, all u do is join a server that u know u can get into, then rejoin the...

30th April 2004 11:04

I remember we opened a server with sv_cheats 1 and let the public come in. Was the funniest time eve...

29th April 2004 00:04

Buy the game :P

28th April 2004 20:04

looks good dood

4th May 2004 22:05

I find when i put M4 on Burst it helps with my aim.

27th April 2004 10:04

Cool info Renesis, so which one cost the most :P

27th April 2004 09:04

Nah its just a automatic thing, u tell the server to take them every so minutes. But what u should d...

27th April 2004 09:04

No, I dont mind them, cos if they miss with the m4 nade, they are a open target. Even though i dont...

26th April 2004 19:04

3 screenshots every 3mins? Wouldnt that lag the server? I remember once when a server i played on ha...

26th April 2004 19:04

Im not sure, i've never admin'd a rocmod server.

26th April 2004 19:04

-AK -M590 -Socom -Frag -Knife :P

26th April 2004 19:04

Cool bots that some NewZealanders Created. They are pretty hard to play against; as they're a wiked...

25th April 2004 16:04

1. nfi soz 2. cg_predictitems "0" i think this is the cmd that might help u.

25th April 2004 10:04

npz ;)

5th May 2004 00:05

very nice, anychance u could make it smaller like say |-----------------------------| this long and...

10th May 2004 21:05

lol im wrong good job :P

12th August 2004 11:08

They are all from Templates, no real hard work there :P

12th August 2004 05:08

All u have to do is find or edit a...lets say RealDamage Mod and remove all the bulletts for the Tal...

25th June 2004 09:06