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I want to be like Revenge

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Everytime i play the single player for a few minutes it freezes out of nowhere. The game just freeze...

17th September 2004 01:09

I think the textures on the galaxy and the nebula need to be a bit darker and there are some better...

28th January 2009 16:01

They look great, fireball you should join up with them I've seen some of your work and I'm pretty im...

15th February 2009 03:02

Least you figured it out lol

14th February 2009 07:02

I'm interested thats for sure. I still love to play Armada and I'll definitely give this a go.

14th February 2009 04:02

Well by all means keep going. You really should get the millenium project though, and build on that...

12th February 2009 20:02

Yay! Great news! Thanks Doca for giving the go ahead! That first pic looks almost like its from the...

11th February 2009 22:02

Well I'm sure they just want to be positive about it. How long has it been since you sent them an em...

11th February 2009 03:02

Wooooow. I think i just drooled. alot. Have you contacted them???

10th February 2009 05:02

Yeah, what other project is that?

2nd February 2009 10:02

Lol you're just all for giving out relatives tonight, aren't you Achilles? Honestly I don't know wha...

28th January 2009 07:01

He's been withholding permission? Why is that?

16th February 2009 05:02

Yeah, I've been waiting for this to be released for years and I think I can wait a little longer unt...

26th January 2009 00:01

And how long has he been MIA? And what happened to your plans to integrate it with FO?

25th January 2009 00:01

Isn't working how? You have to give us more information to go on than that. What does the game do? W...

23rd January 2009 00:01

Looks really good especially for the stockness of it.

23rd January 2009 00:01

Those are some really nice TOS pics Jet! Automatic background. And I like yours too Tfoot but I have...

21st January 2009 07:01

Is that the station from Razor or is that one you guys made?

21st January 2009 07:01

What? New weapons you say?? What are you waiting for man post them!! :bows:

21st January 2009 07:01

No I don't think the save feature works with this version

19th December 2008 07:12

Someone should really take some pics of the newest fleet ops release. As it stands I haven't seen an...

18th December 2008 00:12

Sounds like a great start. You should add the Andromeda Ascendant in there somewhere. You could ask...

16th February 2009 05:02

Are you gonna release a mod Tfoot? You really should think of packaging up what you already have and...

20th February 2009 06:02

Thats interesting. I wish something like this could be sticky'd or something.

30th November 2008 07:11

Well there ya go you got the attention of IKS so you're set :D

5th March 2009 14:03