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Im having trouble with mapping because when i go to the entities menu i cannot find ammo entities an...

13th January 2003 16:01

Glad i could Help:rock:

6th April 2003 08:04

U can get a cool Etherian (and warbot) Model at

5th April 2003 16:04

Just wonderin if you want to alter or improve a map that u downloaded how to you load it on gtk radi...

22nd February 2003 10:02

Vitamin Broadband is the perfect cure for a sick EF:fistpunch: Prescribe some:deal: --------------...

16th February 2003 17:02

The same thing used to happen to me all.....the....time butwhen i got broadband the problem stopped...

16th February 2003 17:02

Anywho all you have to do is bring up the console and type set com_hunkmegs 100 and thatll do please...

16th February 2003 17:02

How about a TFC mod (like specialities but with realistic weapons) you could have flamethrowers wren...

15th February 2003 11:02

Srry i couldent help:confused:

28th January 2003 17:01

Did cover your ladder with the Ladder texture under the common textures (at least i think thats what...

26th January 2003 12:01


17th January 2003 13:01

i actually found hm_entities in my baseef and so i changed my project settings to go to there but no...

16th January 2003 18:01

I changed the project settings to holomatch however the entities still arent appearing anything else...

14th January 2003 16:01

Thnx so much m8

14th January 2003 16:01


27th December 2002 19:12

Oh and another thing is it possible to get Quake 3 textures for radient so that i can use it in elit...

27th December 2002 17:12

I am currently trying to make a map however when i try it out everything is to bright how do i reduc...

27th December 2002 16:12


26th December 2002 11:12

Thanks Mate:rock:

23rd December 2002 14:12

Where do you get Bryce :dance: :dance: :dance:

23rd December 2002 11:12

Does anyone know where to get a guide for using GTK radient:dropsjar:

23rd December 2002 10:12

Do you know where to get a guide to using GDK Radient

22nd December 2002 16:12