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Hey, isn't there already a mod for this?:uhm: ( Where's my dinner????):furious: :furious: :fu...

3rd April 2004 09:04

isnt midgar v2 already out? and when is the chocobo coming out?

4th August 2004 22:08

Hey guys im back for a little while my internets being gay and im using my dads pc right now, piljo...

18th July 2004 05:07

would anyone be interested in updating the jk2 SP battledroid mod, for some reason the sounds dont w...

20th July 2004 05:07

heres some pics, its a reskin of grayfox. and i need some ideas for red and blue sikins because righ...

20th July 2004 05:07

i dont think a skin is possible, i think it has to be modeled the only model that has the potential...

20th July 2004 06:07

it could use some work but i wont change models this is the best for and spider-man skin, and tFight...

21st July 2004 04:07

i have a problem with the dante model, the hair has this really annoying white outline around it, do...

21st July 2004 05:07

i tried the beta; it rocks! hope its released soon.

22nd July 2004 00:07

DUDE! BADASS MODEL!!!!!!!! need to make a new masamune as well.

22nd July 2004 04:07

yeah ill work on them.

24th July 2004 00:07

if anyone can help, i need someone who owns AVP to email me some of the .abc files of the predator m...

25th July 2004 01:07

theres a shinai model in the melee mod by Slice, Dice & Mince (u need ja version 1.01 patch) its...

30th July 2004 22:07

im still interested.

1st August 2004 06:08

looks like a chic.

4th August 2004 01:08

ive just edited the JK2-Hinu gundam model and i need someones help to aply the skeleton and get it i...

4th August 2004 21:08

what is this? a request for a model, or a WIP if its a request you should explain yourself or no one...

4th August 2004 23:08

what ever happened to this model?

6th July 2004 06:07

not making the skin yourself, i guess, i dont know.

6th August 2004 13:08

rikimaru and ayame both need there own model, i know ive seen the skin of rikimaru, and no offense t...

7th August 2004 18:08

thanks everyone, but the thing is in its current form its totally useless, its just a model, with th...

7th August 2004 18:08

can someone please make rikimaru and ayame from tenchu? BTW great model, hopefully someone can finis...

6th August 2004 23:08

im having a bit of troubling skinning this would anyone want to take a crack at it?

6th August 2004 14:08

thats what i was thinking.

6th August 2004 13:08

somethin weird happened to PCGM. i got to the site and it says "Hi sluts, thanks for disabling my do...

6th August 2004 13:08