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I really need bots. I used to have a good internet connection but then I moved to britan and here ev...

20th March 2003 01:03

Is there a single player d-day map out there? Where you have to rush up the beach? -Iynx

22nd March 2003 17:03

Does anyone know where I could find a website with some good demos for RTCW. The replay demos, no de...

23rd March 2003 17:03

Danke. -Iynx

23rd March 2003 20:03

I'm sorry if this is common knolage. I typed in /devmap dam in SP and used the /noclip code to find...

29th March 2003 04:03

What can you really do in it though? No enimes, no actully people to play against? I mean, what's th...

29th March 2003 05:03

I'm not that far in SP. -Iynx

29th March 2003 16:03

Hehe, I will be shunned for saying this, but I like country. Rap, just the same beat over and over,...

5th April 2003 05:04

Yes, I need bots, I live in Enland, which has crap for internet providers. -Iynx

5th April 2003 05:04

Yup! -Iynx

5th April 2003 05:04

Is there a code I can type in the console to get the FPS to show up? -Iynx

8th April 2003 15:04