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Try re-installing JKA, tried patching? but yeah

15th April 2008 11:04

He is a good weapon maker and it's true what Rebel said, he doesn't have to do it for us, he is just...

14th April 2008 04:04


13th April 2008 12:04

This Is Spartaaaaa

11th April 2008 02:04

Chuck Norris doesn't get frost bites, he bites frost.

5th April 2008 13:04

Actually, maybe it would look better without it, maybe two things, a one without and a one with. May...

5th April 2008 13:04

+ Rosh on a stick and a backhand saber ;)

14th March 2008 14:03

K, So does my Saber still in the requests bit? anyways Zero is my name on other things, here is a pa...

13th March 2008 13:03

In JA, most servers have melle imputted in to it so... if not here are some suggesestions; JA+, MBII...

30th May 2008 02:05

nice work on it sweet !

30th May 2008 16:05

Yes, She is admin. Sorry for loooking at her sig ;)

11th March 2008 13:03

Thats a kohlto twin or soemthing :)

25th June 2008 04:06

if it helps with my request the wrapping is that kind of faded cloth brown with a red button and a s...

23rd July 2008 16:07

Are you doing all the requests or just some? o.o

22nd July 2008 12:07

Thats really cool! ^_^

17th July 2008 12:07

My Request! Spoiler: Show I would like that; The bit at the end is cloth, wrapped around for gri...

13th July 2008 16:07

Current Name: Nultma Desired Name: iZero or Zero (If Zero is not avalable I would like iZero) :)

6th July 2008 11:07

To Johnny: No but thanks for trying. CrashmanX: I think my assets 3 is saving it now, thanks if it w...

1st July 2008 04:07

Uhm Jaden Face + HS Obi Wan robes = what I want?

30th June 2008 05:06

Alright, other than the random model, I am yes, requesting the model of............... Jaden. It's...

29th June 2008 07:06

Greatest Map Ever.

23rd June 2008 05:06

Pish Pash, Cheat codes, who needs them?

30th May 2008 16:05

Actually Starkiller is a codename, not his real name. Thanks for the skin by the way ^_^

18th June 2008 15:06

Thanks Snow, if you could send me a PM if you find it that'd be great.

16th June 2008 12:06

Hmmm, I best reccomend you just stay in 1.01 it's better anyway. :)

15th June 2008 15:06