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Well said, very well said. Cool that someone from Raven actually posted here aswell :)

4th October 2008 11:10

kimura-san;4612488OKAY I GE TIT , THANKS AGAIN MEANS ALOT. :nodding: Yay.

4th October 2008 10:10

Tis done.......but textures don't appear ingame, and my backhand model I made doesn't seem to be...

4th October 2008 10:10

Lol guys, I found out my UV mapping went upside down on me! Hahahahah! Alright though, Boxy is near...

4th October 2008 09:10

Alright guys, heres an idea I might start to kick off. It's called saber maker, where you can make...

4th October 2008 06:10

Lol,you are all being assholes, thats why Toshi left. Anyway, I am actually Eck'Hun Marlas' brother,...

20th October 2008 05:10

Ooopss! I ment textures, heheheheheheh sorry bout that, noobs mistake I guess.

1st October 2008 10:10

I didn't put any shaders on :\ if you want i'll send you the PK3 and you can check it out

1st October 2008 04:10

Hi! I decided to start modeling, I finished yesterday and heres how it looks in MD3 View (1st Attach...

1st October 2008 04:10

Hey! I usually hang over at the JK3 file forums but anyway, back to go on topic. Would someone pleas...

19th September 2008 01:09

Trust me when I say, Weighing is a bitch. What happens is- a cape doesn't have any bones so it has t...

13th September 2008 11:09

Yay for Lightsource!

7th September 2008 06:09

No, you still cant get it into JK3 Files without breaching the plagiarism policy

26th August 2008 11:08

I think your saying, could someone rip off say Luke's RoTJ head and put it on some HS obi robes righ...

18th August 2008 15:08

Yay! *Every member crys in joy because we will get a mod blowout after this if it happens ^_^*

6th October 2008 02:10

Ones with pricetags, yes they use real money. Please go into that thing and click purchase, it would...

20th October 2008 05:10

I'll upload mine to my FF account and edit my post with it, hope you have max 8- although it should...

16th February 2009 17:02

I'll start on Rick now, if it's possible- could some people get some sounds together for the skin? "...

18th January 2009 05:01

Dr.Wily finally kicked his balls?

1st February 2009 06:02

reelo2228;4784037seriously guys, i was still thinking that ppl dont put in much effort to bring out...

28th January 2009 14:01

Whats the scanner say about the power level of this skin?

27th January 2009 07:01


27th January 2009 07:01

Suggested models please, I'm not sure if I will even do those.

22nd January 2009 07:01

There already is one, and I'm having skinners block :( gimme a few days and I should be fine- sorry...

18th January 2009 18:01

If anyone could help find another skin/model for rick ashleys skin, it would be appreciated.

18th January 2009 06:01