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I don't care if you ban me for this, I don't care what you do. I just want to set something straight...

7th October 2004 07:10

He's right. This forum is active, so you don't need to bump after 5 minutes.

30th March 2008 04:03

Why is everyone's name, "Member-......."? Is it just this 7 year old computer?

1st April 2008 09:04

I thought it was in Africa, as they had stated earlier. Did they change the location?

31st March 2008 07:03

What? No, that could ruin our reputation before we start. Honestly, there's a HUGE amount of Runesca...

31st March 2008 04:03

Yes, don't worry, though. We'll balance it out. It will do 3/4 of the normal shotgun damage.

31st March 2008 04:03

Yes, we could modify the collision, and make the camo invisible. Only problem is, what happens if it...

30th March 2008 10:03

He uses 3ds Max. I have no clue what it is, either.

30th March 2008 04:03

I seriously don't want to let this campaign die... but we're working on another campaign with Carto,...

30th March 2008 04:03

Please don't make two posts on the same topic, please. You can find it here. Install it, and they sh...

30th March 2008 04:03

Mine's a memory issue. I have to little.

2nd April 2008 08:04

We don't know. Pratt is still drawing it.

30th March 2008 03:03

Send me anything I need to texture.

29th March 2008 22:03

Could we make the Camouflage invisible? That could work. Anyway, we have are first map, actually. So...

29th March 2008 22:03

Doesn't appear closed. I don't want any progress on this project to go away. Please, if there's anyt...

29th March 2008 21:03

Crouch: ctrl Zoom: Z Reload: R Action/Reload: E Melee: F Flashlight: Q Switch Weapons: Tab You've b...

29th March 2008 08:03

R is reload. What about "C", though? C for Camouflage.

29th March 2008 01:03

It would be in campaign only, last 15 seconds, and take about 20 to regenerate. Also, I think we sho...

28th March 2008 12:03

Oh god! Pratt's gonna go insane! I have to go!

1st April 2008 22:04

Wait, did you get it to work? I would like to do the sapien work for a map, so please try and figure...

2nd April 2008 08:04

Even the invisibility could ruin multiplayer. Think, everyone decides to become invisible, what then...

27th March 2008 22:03

Carto just pwned us all.

13th April 2008 21:04

Again, I can try and skin anything needed. Also, Zoxin, I'd recommend changing you custom title, as...

20th April 2008 23:04

No, he swapped the Elite's shader model with the Spartan's, causing the color changing effect.

19th April 2008 06:04

Actually, someone did find a way to make the elites armour go with their armour color. It require us...

18th April 2008 05:04